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Outdoor Hour Challenge #46 Mammals: Woodchuck/Groundhog, Prairie Dog, Marmots

Outdoor Hour Challenge #46
Woodchuck/Groundhog, Prairie Dog, Marmot

Here is an informational video about woodchuck/groundhogs:

Great video introduction.

Have you ever seen a marmot? Here is a cute video to introduce you to this mammal.

1. Read pages 229-232 in the Handbook of Nature Study. As you read, highlight or underline some facts you can share with your children. There are observation ideas on page 231 and many of these suggestions are ones that you can continue to make over the next few seasons.

Here is an additional fact sheet on woodchuck:

Information on marmots:

Prairie Dog information with video:

2. Supplemental reading in The Burgess Animal Book for Children: Read Stories 7-8. After you read each story, pause and let your child narrate back some facts they learned from the reading. This could be as simple as looking at the illustrations on pages 48 and 54 and having them tell you a few things about the woodchuck, the marmot, or the prairie dog.

3. Spend 10-15 minutes outdoors on a nature walk. Look for signs of mammals as you walk. Look for tracks, burrows, holes, or scat. If you are able to observe one of this challenge’s featured mammals, be sure to use some of the observation ideas from page 231. Be alert for any opportunity to observe a mammal during your outdoor time. So far we have learned about rabbits and squirrels, but be on the look out for more common mammals like dogs, cats, or horses.

4. After your outdoor time, if you observed a mammal, you can look it up in the Handbook of Nature Study. For your nature journal you can sketch something you saw during your outdoor time. One additional idea is to compare two animals that we have already studied. You can compare a rabbit and a prairie dog or a squirrel and a prairie dog. Make sketches or make a list of the comparisons. You may also use any of the additional resources for your nature journal.

Additional resources for this challenge:

7 thoughts on “Outdoor Hour Challenge #46 Mammals: Woodchuck/Groundhog, Prairie Dog, Marmots

  1. The Burgess Animal Book that we have been using has gotten me interested in looking at the classification system of the mammals we have been studying. I found these sites from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology that might be of interest to others.

    The first site is the Animal Diversity web. Here is a link to the squirrel family:

    Also from U Michigan is BioKids. Look at the “Critter Catalog” to find out about classifications. Lots of information and photos too.

    I hope others find it helpful.

  2. Sarah,

    Really great links…thanks for sharing them on the blog. I will have to look into them further when I have a few minutes.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  3. I had to cheat and ask my uncle for a groundhog picture since we wouldn’t see one out and about now. We are pretty snowed under too!

  4. Shannon,

    Totally not “cheating”, just resourceful. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  5. Great Nature Study, I loved learning about these little critters. I am soooo glad your using the Burgess Animal Book for Children, it is awesome!!! The boys and I just thought the Video’s you included were GREAT!!! Thanks! Be Blessed–Angie in GA

  6. We also loved the videos about groundhogs. I just added a link with Mr. Linky for the first time. I’m not sure if I linked to my post, or to my blog in general. If I didn’t link to my specific post would you let me know? This is all new to me.


  7. […] be on the lookout for any mammals, or mammals that are related to the woodchuck/groundhog (see the Outdoor Hour Challenges) […]

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