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Outdoor Hour Challenge: First Day of Winter Nature Walk 2020

Outdoor Hour Challenge

First Day of Winter Nature Walk 2020

With most of us spending more time than usual around the house, getting outside for a walk on the first day of winter may be one of the most refreshing activities you could do with your children. The temperatures drop and we huddle inside more and more, especially on the shortest day of the year!

winter landscape

The Outdoor Hour Challenge this week is to make plans to get outside for a brisk nature walk and then to follow up with a nature journal page recording all of the interesting things you found while outside.

outside with the kids

Encourage everyone to use all of their senses on this walk. Did they see something colorful or unusual? How does the air feel on your skin? Is there a particular fragrance to the air? Can you listen carefully for a minute or two to distinguish any particular sounds?

Another idea is to ask your children to find differences in the landscape, comparing your neighborhood habitat on this winter day to what they remember about the first day of summer. This is a little harder and you may need to help them get started with a few of your own observations.

Winter Walk Snow Nature Study

Most importantly, take along a good attitude and leave yourself open to whatever the experience brings. Allow your children to direct you to things they find interesting and then share in their excitement. A good nature walk is pleasurable for everyone and allows you and your children to develop a relationship with our Creator. The best times I can remember with my children are the times we just took it slow and easy, looking for the little things that most people pass by. Turn over a rock and see what’s underneath. Look up in the branches of the trees and see if you can find any birds or other critters. Sit quietly by the edge of a pond or stream and see what comes along. Breathe the air and enjoy the day.

You can read more about my ideas for winter nature walks on my HubPage: Winter Nature Walks.

First Day of Winter Walk Observation Notebook Page

There’s a printable for the First Day of Winter Nature Walk in the Member’s Library for you to use as part of this activity. A simple list and a sketch will make a perfect follow up to your outdoor time.

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