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The Benefits of Nature Study

6 12 11 Walking Trail QAL
First of the Season!

“From constantly using them, all of his senses are keen-such as his eyesight, his hearing, and the rest. His powers of observation have been cultivated to a high degree of refinement; and let me tell you right here that a good observer holds, in any course of life, the reins of success in his hands-as compared with the one who is lacking in it-in a proportion that is truly remarkable. With good powers of observation comes good judgment and the ability to render correct decisions in many matters vital to success, together with the ability to assist others.”
The Nature Study Review

With our powers of observation, we noticed our first Queen Anne’s Lace blossom of the year! Success!

3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Nature Study

  1. Aha! Beautiful – along with the quote. I think I see pink tinges on the edges!

  2. I’ll say success. Once again, thank you for this wonderful blog.

  3. I just *LOVE* Queen Anne’s Lace. 🙂 A lovely favorite.


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