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Birds of Summer: July List

Bird Nest - Southern Wyoming
Nest on a Utility Pole – Southern Wyoming

We spent quite a bit of time away from home in July so I will attempt to break the list down by location.

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  1. European Starlings
  2. House Finches
  3. Lesser Goldfinches – they sound like they are laughing
  4. White-Breasted Nuthatch
  5. Oak Titmouse
  6. American Robins
  7. Mourning Doves – our constant companions, everyday under the feeders, always a pair
  8. California Towhee
  9. Steller’s Jay
  10. Western Scrub Jay
  11. Acorn Woodpecker
  12. Great Horned Owl – early morning
  13. Anna’s Hummingbird – males chasing each other, not so many in the feeders but in the flower garden
  14. House Sparrows
  15. Canada Goose
  16. American Crow
  17. Turkey Vultures
  18. Red-tail Hawk
  19. Mountain Chickadee
  20. Black-headed Grosbeak
  21. California Quail
  22. Brewer’s blackbirds

Santa Cruz

  1. Brown Pelicans
  2. California Gulls

Grand Tetons/Utah Trip

  1. Osprey-Wyoming
  2. Trumpeter Swans
  3. American White Pelicans
  4. Lots of gulls – not sure what kind
  5. Killdeer
  6. Barn Swallows
  7. Red-winged blackbirds
  8. Western meadowlark

If I ever go back to Yellowstone, I will print this bird list. 

You can share your link with Tweet and See…click the button above to learn more about the monthly meme. This exercise of keeping a list of birds has opened my eyes to a whole world. I highly recommend this activity for all families, no matter where you live. 

5 thoughts on “Birds of Summer: July List

  1. I love the picture of the nest on top of the utility pole!

  2. Great list. Lots of diversity. I don’t usually think of gulls being in Wyoming or Utah. Interesting!
    Love the new header.

  3. The gulls were by Salt Lake City so I am assuming that is why they were there.

  4. Hi Barb,
    Thank you for you comment on Under an English sky. I am a huge fan of your Handbook blog and am just delving into your wonderful art blog :o)
    I said the exact same thing to my daughters as your daughter said to you about seeing things that we only read about and how some people will never see them at all! Indeed it is a privlidge. I hope that you do get to come to England and visit The British Museum – drop me a line and I’ll go with you ;o)
    Shirley Ann

  5. Wow, I loved your Grand Tetons pics and bird list. I am inspired to drive 24 hours to get there, well maybe… Thanks for linking up!

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