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Nature Literature and Step Gently Out

Step gently out,
be still,
and watch
a single blade
of grass.

I want to introduce you to another wonderful children’s nature study book, Step Gently Out. This book, written from the ant-eye-view, will inspire you and your children to perhaps look more closely at nature when you are outside together.

Read the pages, examine the images, and let your child tell you what he thinks of each and every page. Use this idea of looking carefully during your next Outdoor Hour (or even a quick minute or two if that is all you have).

In our modern world it might be easy to miss these opportunities to take a good look at our surroundings. This book will serve as a stimulus and a reminder.

This is one you can look for at your public library and then decide if you want it for your personal library.

Step Gently Out • A nature picture book for all ages from Step Gently Out on Vimeo.

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  1. This looks like a real gem. Thanks for recommending it!

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