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November World Outdoor Hour Challenge 2011

Fall Leaves on our Nature Shelf
Just cannot get enough of the fall leaves this year.

Since the official autumn nature study challenges are completed, this week you can pick and choose what topic you want to focus on in your family this week. If you weather is still agreeable, make sure to at least get outdoors for some fresh air and to explore your November World. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Use the grid and bookmark list from the November Outdoor Hour Challenge Newsletter to spend some time outside in your November world. (It is not too late to subscribe to my blog to receive the link in the footer of the next blog entry email. See the sidebar of my blog to subscribe.) Share your entry with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival.
  2. Go back through the More Nature Study series of challenges to see if you completed them all. Have this be your make up week and share your entry with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival.
  3. Advanced study: Look at the night sky this week looking at the moon and Jupiter.

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3 thoughts on “November World Outdoor Hour Challenge 2011

  1. The most we have accomplished recently is to get outdoors! Hoping to study nature in more detail this coming weekend!!!

  2. We haven’t done anything in detail, but thank you again, Barbara, for sharing all your wonderful information. What is the author of the book illustrated in the picture? Looks really good!

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