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Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival – November Newsletter Edition

OHC Blog Carnival

November is over and it is time for us all to enjoy the nature study adventures of other families who participated in the various Outdoor Hour Challenges during the past month.  I procrastinated putting the carnival together so I was submerged in nature study goodness all weekend long as I enjoyed each and every entry back-to-back. My heart is full.

Thank you dear readers for all the support of my work. I appreciate your carnival submissions, your kind comments on my blog posts, your financial support through purchasing books and using my affiliate links, and for nominating and voting for the Handbook of Nature Study in the Homeschool Blog Awards.

Quartz samples
Sneak Peek – More Nature Study #2 Winter 2012

I look forward to December and then the new year coming. I will be releasing my new More Nature Study #2 Winter 2012 ebook near the end of December and it is going to be fabulous. I have so much to say about it but I will wait until a future post. If you have any feedback or comments on the last ebook including the advanced study options (More Nature Study – Autumn 2011), please email me directly. I would love to hear any of your thoughts as I put the finishing touches on the new ebook.

Also, my daughter is finishing (finally) her new Hearts and Trees Art, Handicraft, and Nature Study kit…hoping to release it this weekend. Check over on her blog or follow her Facebook for all the details.

Sweet Gum Leaves in the Sun
Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival – November Newsletter Edition

Maple Seeds

  • Zonnah writes about their Samara aka Maple Seeds nature study for this edition of the carnival. She includes some wonderful up-close images of the seeds.
  • Makita and her children didn’t have a maple to study but they chose the local Sycamore Tree to observe and learn more about. They included the seeds in their nature journals as well. They also did a Leaves and Fall Colors study which you will enjoy reading.
Nature Journal - November
November World – Birds Journal Entry from Janet @ Across the Page

November World

  • Tricia – Hodgepodge Mom has submitted their November World entry which includes a walk in the rain as suggested in the OHC Newsletter.  They look like they really enjoyed this activity!
  • Amy from Hope is the Word writes Our November World, sharing how important it is to make the effort to get outdoors no matter how busy we seem to get. Lovely blue sky in their images and journals. Amy also did a follow-up entry where they went to a local park to observe their November World.  Excellent thoughts in this entry…don’t miss reading it.
  • Janet from Across the Page shares their entry Exhaustless Entertainment as part of this challenge. She says that this nature walk turned out better than expected…I couldn’t agree more! Take a look at what they found and then their journal entries.
  • Amanda from A Thousand Words has put together an entry with their Autumn River Walk – featuring her nine year old son. Wonderful account of nature study with boys. Amanda also shares some important thoughts in this entry: Accidental River Hike. I really liked reading her thoughts and I know you will too.
  • Zonnah treats us to her November World…another nature walk with a curious young man. This was a fun entry to read…brought back memories of my boys’ younger days.

Short Thistle Video (Thanks to Shirley Ann)


  • Shirley Ann from Under An English Sky shares there Thistle Study with carnival readers. As always, they inspire me with their nature journals.
  • FlyMama Di from Homeschool Review and Crafting Too also went on a thistle hunt with her son. They were successful in finding some to study up close and they found some grasshoppers too.
  • Tricia and her children completed their Thistle and Sunshine Nature Study this month….in their backyard stick fort! They show us such a great example of making learning happen on all levels.
  • Thistles and a Wimpering Viking…what a great title to Angie’s thistle entry to the carnival. You MUST read this one and see their great extended study.  So many things to learn…
  • MissMoe shares their Thistle Nature Study...they do not find any thistles but plenty of other interesting things to observe, including an artichoke which is in the thistle family.
  • Robin from Harris Homeschool submits their Thistles and Milkweed study. Lovely images in this entry…thanks for sharing.
nov world hodgepodge
The Hodgepodge Family took a walk in the rain!

Seasonal Weather
Zonnah shares their Rain Gauge activity. They have had a lot of rain in November!

Tree with Animal paws Amy Hope is the Word
Amy’s daughters thought this tree looked like it had animal paws!


  • Barbara from The Schoolhouse on the Prairie has contributed their Seasonal Tree Study for carnival readers to enjoy. They picked a tree and got started learning more about it and then followed up with journals. Great job!
  • Catherine from Joyful in Hope shares OHC #10 Picnics in this edition of the carnival. All the way from Russia! I really liked seeing their landscape and their pretty snails. Yes, pretty snails. Catherine also completed an entry for the OHC #11 Tree Study with images of their tree in all four seasons. Wonderful!
  • Mother Robin has submitted a fall entry this time- Autumn Rainbow: Fall Flowers, Leaves, Berries, and Seeds. This account of their fall color walk is inspiring.
Fall Leaf Color in the Nature Journal
Fall Leaf Color Journal Page from Monica’s Daughter
  • Monica from Discover Their Gifts submits their Nature Study-Fall Color Walk entry to this carnival. I am always interested in seeing everyone’s nature journals and they did some wonderful work as part of this study. So colorful! They also completed their Cobwebs and Spiders Study and would like to share it and their webs with carnival readers.
  • Kattie from 2 Ladybugs and a Lizard contributes their Fall Colors entry. They did a colored pencil blending activity in their nature journals…excellent!
  • Rachel writes about their Oaks and Acorns nature study. They did a great comparison study of different oaks and followed up with some fantastic nature journal entries.
  • Jessy shares their family’s Eastern White Pine and Pinecone Study to the carnival this time.

Short video showing a caterpillar molting. (Thanks Bethany!)

  • Bethany from Little Homeschool Blessings shares their Surprise In The Shed entry….so glad the surprise was not snakes! They also have a wonderful Swallowtail Butterfly entry to share with carnival readers. The video above is from their entry…thanks for sharing Bethany! One last entry for their family: How to Start a Tree Study.
  • Julie from the Homeschool Balancing Act shares their Fall Colors entry. She was surprised that they found so many colors in their neighborhood. Love the magnolia seed pod and the berries!
  • Janet from Across the Page has put together a lovely entry on their Squirrel Challenge. This was a pleasure to read from start to finish.

The winner of the November Giveaway (chosen by Random.Org) is Amanda from A Thousand Words! She will receive the Audubon Plush Bird – House Sparrow! Thank you to everyone who made an entry to this edition of the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival.

See you all next month! Remember that December’s Newsletter link will be for subscribers of the blog only. Please click over to the blog and subscribe using the form on the sidebar.

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