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Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival – Mammal Nature Study Edition

OHC Blog Carnival

Hooray for mammals! I loved reading all the mammal entries for the month. For those that didn’t get a chance to work on a mammal study, remember that these challenges are not seasonal and you can pick them up whenever you find a mammal of interest. I am hoping that this whole year’s worth of challenges will be studies you will do over and over throughout all your homeschooling years as the opportunity arises.

There are also quite a few entries in the Potpourri section that carryover from last month’s tree study. I invite you to read and comment on those entries as well.

Our families mammal entries from this month’s study (in case you missed one):
Mammal Grid Study – Stimulates Our Nature Study
Looking for Signs of a Squirrel
Taking an Autumn Hike and Looking for Signs of Mammals

Be inspired. Be encouraged. Get outdoors!

Mammal Grid Study
Cristy from Crafty Cristy found two interesting mammals to observe up close -the dolphin and the horse: Mammal Study for the OHC.  I think dolphins qualify as a “mammal that swims” and they got to observe the horses fur both by touch and sight. Excellent!

Shirley Ann from Under an English Sky submits their OHC November Grid Study entry for you to read. You don’t want to miss this entry and their special clay mammal project. I love this idea!

Squirrels and Other Rodents
Shirley Ann from Under an English Sky writes about their OHC Mammal Study #2 – Squirrels and this is packed with fun information and images. Love a good squirrel study!

Celeste from Joyous Lessons put together the account of their squirrel investigation for the carnival: Squirrel Signs. I think they did some great thinking after observing some scratches on the tree trunk. 

Sarah from Granwood Explores shares their mammal study for this month: Beavers – America’s Largest Rodent. They did a terrific job on this study and I appreciate that they are going to keep it going over the winter. Want to know what the word fossorial means? Read their entry!

Raccoon Tracks – Academia

Signs of Mammals
Robin from Academia has written up their Signs of Mammals entry and would love for your to pop over and see all the interesting things they found. They have a fantastic collection of tracks to share so don’t miss those!

Lisa from What We Do shares their Signs of Mammals. They found quite a few things on their walk, including a huge groundhog hole! Fun entry.

Mammal List
Shirley Ann from Under an English Sky shares their OHC Mammal Study #1 – Hedgehog with carnival readers. What an interesting study and she shares some great facts and a video! 

Nadene from Practical Pages has written up their mammal study: Journal Mammals. We get a glimpse into their South African farm animals through her daughters words and Nadene’s journals. Inspiring! 

Jumping in the Leaves – Royal Little Lambs


Jennifer from Royal Little Lambs has an entry from last month’s focus on trees: Autumn Trees and Leaves. They did leaf rubbings in a little book as a follow up to their outdoor time….and a little poetry. Great job!

Michelle from Following Footprints shares their last two challenges in the Getting Started series: Outdoor Hour Challenge #9-Small Square and Outdoor Hour Challenge #10-Picnic. Michelle has done a great job of working through all ten challenges and I see such progress with her children and her thinking. What a great example!

Leaf Rubbings and Negative Space Leaves on The Schoolhouse on the Prairie

Barbara from The Schoolhouse on the Prairie has submitted their Enjoying Fall entry with lots of fun ideas and images from their tree study. Love the smiling faces in this entry!

Heidi from Home Schoolroom put together their Nature Study-Focusing on Trees entry for us all to savor. She has pulled together lots of great ideas from the OHC to learn more about trees and more. She also shares some tips on nature tables that I think you will love to read. 

Jen from Snowfall Academy shares their entry: Our Tree Study-Autumn Follow Up. Wonderful to see their European entry and see their nature journals, including her daughter’s final stanza in her seasonal tree poem. 

Makita from Academia Celestia shares two entries with the carnival.  The Science of Bee-Keeping I am so glad to see someone studying a subject near and dear to my heart…love bees! Acorns from Harvest to Food – She shares a really interesting study of acorns, including foods made with acorns. I have tasted acorn cakes before but they had quite a variety of items. 

OHC Blog Carnival
Don’t forget to share your blog entries with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival. All entries done in December are eligible for the next edition. The deadline for entries is 12/30/12 and you can send them directly to me: or submit them at the blog carnival site (link on the sidebar of my blog).

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  1. Thanks for another wonderful Carnival Barb :o)

  2. You are very welcome! I love doing the carnival each month and seeing all the fun stuff families are doing in their nature study. My pleasure.

  3. This is so inspiring! We missed the Mammal Grid Study and I am dying to get my hands on it. But when I clicked on the link, the page was “not found.” 🙁

    Thank you, though, for your incredible ideas and your generosity!

  4. Cindy,
    You need subscribe to my blog and the link to the newsletter download comes in each entry you receive in your email box all month.

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