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Outdoor Hour Challenge – Fall/Winter Specific Plans

Outdoor Hour Challenge Plans for Sept 16 to March 17 @handbookofnaturestudyI have received many emails asking me specific plans for the Outdoor Hour Challenge for the autumn and winter seasons.  I had hesitated to post up a plan until I had it nailed down on my calendar. But, now I have it all straight in my mind and I’m going to share the specifics in this post. Make sure to bookmark it or add the topics to your calendar for future reference. My wish is that we all have some interesting and productive nature study time as a regular part of our week. If you miss a week  or you don’t have access to the particular topic, just pick up where you can participate.

Remember that we are going to be starting up the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival again on November 1, 2016. If you create a blog entry with your nature study activities featured, please send me the link and I will add it to the carnival. My email is:

Note: You do not need to purchase the ebooks to participate but they are handy to have for planning and for the regular and advanced notebook pages included in each one. Click the graphic at the bottom of this post to go over to check out the Ultimate Naturalist Library membership.


Outdoor Hour Challenge – Autumn and Winter 2016/2017

More Nature Study Autumn Cover imageSeptember 9 – Leaf Miners

September 16 – Pears

September 23 – Milkweed

September 20 – Fall Webs

October 7 – Fall Color Walk

October 14 – Chipmunks

October 21 Sparrows

October 28 – Leaf Study

November 4 – Thistles

November 11 – Maple Tree and Seeds

November 18 – Oaks (from the archives)

November 25 – off

December 2 – Silent Nature Walk (from the archives)

December 9 – Senses Nature Walk (from the archives)

December 16 – December World (from the archives)

December 23 – off

December 30 – off

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Hour Challenge – Fall/Winter Specific Plans

  1. Hi Barb, I am wondering if I can buy your books one at a time, or if you still send out the monthly newsletters with the challenges and free notebook pages once a month.

    1. I am a membership site now which actually works to everyone’s advantage. There are 3 levels of membership but only the Ultimate has the ebook we are working with right now. You can see the benefits of being a member here:

      You need to subscribe to my email blog and with that comes the free monthly newsletter. You can subscribe by going to the top of the site and filling in your email. Here is the current newsletter entry with specific instructions.

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