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Outdoor Hour Challenge – Moon Gazing

This weeks lesson is Number 135 on page 513

Outdoor Hour Challenge

This week’s challenge will help you get started with observing, naming, and thinking about the moon in the night sky. The full moon for March (Full Worm Moon) is on March 12th. Or, we can aim at looking at the next full moon on April 11 (Full Pink Moon). Making observations between the full moons will give you the complete experience of full to new moon and then back to full moon again.

Encouragement for Moms – Especially Those with Teenage Boys

In completing this challenge when it was first posted back in 2012, I had some insight into the value of regular weekly nature study.

“Do you want to know something? Even though it pains me sometimes to have a challenge to complete each week….keeping myself accountable on the blog…..I realize that if we didn’t have a focus of some sort we would miss out on some really wonderful and insightful discussions and time outdoors together. Even when we just complete the preparation and then the outdoor time with no real follow-up, we are gaining something extra from our Outdoor Hour. If nothing else, it gives me an activity to enjoy alongside my teenage son.”

Be Encouraged! Be Inspired! Get Outside!

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