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Outdoor Mom – January 2018

Outdoor Mom January 2018

Morning river walk in January

During our outdoor time this month we went….river walking!

We are keeping our routine of walking to the river just about every day. Our weather has had so many ups and downs with rain, ice, snow, fog, and sunshine. It just can’t seem to make up its mind about what season it is and we just take it as it comes. On the snowy days, I feel as if I am living in a snow globe and marvel at the big fluffy flakes that descend down on us to blanket the landscape. I love walking after a snowstorm in the crunchy snow, looking for tracks. It is so quiet and peaceful. I often just stop and wish I could capture the moment and share it with all of you because photos just don’t do it justice.

My son had two friends spend the weekend and we enjoyed sharing our world with them by walking to the river and taking them on a hike.

Rainbow january 2018

The most inspiring things we experienced were…rainbows and ice.

We had a day of rainbows that were brightly colored. It looked like you could reach out and touch the end of the bow!

hoar frost morning

We woke up to a frozen wonderland one day this month. Everything was decorated in spiky hoar frost. I couldn’t resist going out to take photos even though it was really cold. I have decided that the proper clothes make getting outdoors so much easier. My family laughs at me with my wardrobe of boots, hats, and scarves.

river collage january 2018

Our outdoor time made us ask…who?

Who is making all of the tracks we see in the snow and mud? We are constantly finding tracks but can’t be sure who is making them. We spotted coyote scat along the trail so we know that we have some of those critters roaming around. We also found crayfish claws left on the river bank which we think are remnants of a river otter’s dinner. Then there was the single deer hoof we found with about 6 inches of leg and fur. Where did the rest go?

Each time we visit the river we are fascinated by the changes that can happen overnight. One day the water is flowing, the next it is frozen. Then there are the days that the sun shines warmly on the water and breaks up the ice, sending little floating icebergs down the river. It is so different than in the summertime!

Outdoor Hour Challenge Winter color walkWe have been trying to find some winter color during our nature walks as part of the Winter World of Colors challenge from a few weeks ago. The challenge included the idea of seeking out some color against the drab winter background and although these pops of color are far and few between, we did manage to find some outstanding examples of color since we started looking for them. If you haven’t had a chance to work through this Winter World of Colors challenge, I invite you to give it a try soon.

Just a note: I had someone comment about the lack of images in my posts lately. I have cut back on the images here on the blog but I do post many, many images over on Instagram. You can follow me there and see images from our adventures just about every day.

Instagram OutdoorHourChallenge

Follow me here: Instagram – outdoorhourchallenge.  If you would like me to take a look at one of your images on Instagram, use the hashtag #outdoorhourchallenge



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