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Outdoor Mom’s Journal – June

Mountains Sign

Outdoor Mom’s Journal – May 2016

I saw this sign in the gift shop at Yosemite National Park and it expresses how I feel about the time I spend hiking in the mountains. I remember saying on a hike this month that I could spend all day, every day hiking and never get tired of it. The minute my feet hit the trail, my cares melt away. We have spent many days this month hiking and walking outside in the sunshine. May is a month of great contrasts in weather and by the last week, we hiked under a blazing sun.

Hidden Falls Hike May 14 2016 (71)

My California habitat is shown in the photo above. I told my friend that oaks and poppies on rolling hills just feels like my “home”. We took a new hike at Hidden Falls Regional Park (about an hour from home) on a whim. I had read about it in my hiking book, did a quick search on the internet, and then we jumped into the car early one Saturday morning. The parking lot was almost full when we arrived and it sort of concerned us that we might have a crowd on the trail. But, our worries were for nothing and it is such a big place that we never encountered any congestion and felt as if we had the place to ourselves most of the morning.

Hidden Falls Hike May 14 2016 (50)

Wow! It was a wonderful day of hiking. We did see waterfalls and an area called Seven Pools. This is definitely a spring hike because I’m sure it is HOT here during the summer months.

Yosemite May 16 2016 (6)

Our second most exciting day trip was to Yosemite National Park. We wanted to view the waterfalls and valley this spring after all of the wet winter weather. We were not disappointed. We took a friend along who hadn’t seen the waterfalls before and it was fun to see everything from her eyes.

Yosemite May 16 2016 (11)
This is Yosemite Falls from a distance, taken from the Swinging Bridge. The river is up over its normal banks and nearly to the level of the bottom of the bridge. There is a lot of water!

Yosemite Columbia Rock May 16 2016 (34)

We hiked to the top of Columbia Rock and this is the view from my resting spot. What an awesome perspective! We sat up here for a long time, quietly taking in the view. That is the Merced River down there as it meanders through the valley, near Yosemite Lodge (newly named Yosemite Valley Lodge).

Yosemite Columbia Rock May 16 2016 (38)

Here is the view from Columbia Rock turning the camera in the other direction. Half Dome dominates the landscape. We never tire of this place…I would go back today if I could squeeze it in.

Mariposa Lily

Closer to home, we saw this Mariposa lily on a hike near our home. We normally see one or two of these at a time but this year the whole hillside was covered in them. I love the side view!

Yard Garden Flowers May 2016 (3)

I need to share one image from my backyard garden. I chose this image because it has my Disneyland rose in all its glory and my Kona dog in the background. Look at all that green grass! After 3 years of drought, it is wonderful to see my yard all lush and green.

Calaveras Big Trees May 21 2016 (90)

It has been an amazing month for our family. We made lots of memories, saw gorgeous views, discovered new trails, and observed about 50 different wildflowers (kept track in my journal).

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5 thoughts on “Outdoor Mom’s Journal – June

  1. What beautiful places you visited! 50 different wildflowers? That’s amazing!
    You look great and so happy 🙂

    1. We have had such a banner year for wildflowers and once you start listing them all in a journal, you realize just how many varieties there are close by. Thanks…it was a great month.

  2. Beautiful pictures of Yosemite! Our trip west last September, Yosemite NP and Sequoia NP were my most favorite stops the entire two weeks we were out there. I’m definitely planning on going back someday and in the spring when the water at Yosemite Falls is flowing. I’m sure the up-close-and-personal view doesn’t even come close to any photograph. An awesome experience, I’m sure! Thank you for sharing yours! 🙂

    1. It is hard to describe the sound of Yosemite Falls…like cracks of thunder. We were across the valley and we could hear it and my friend didn’t believe me that it was the waterfall. It is so powerful! Definitely a place to visit when the falls are full!

  3. The mariposa lily and Disneyland rose are beautiful. Yosemite looks like it would be an amazing place to visit. What a beautiful place you live in, Barb..and to be so close to such breath-taking natural wonders!

    If you’d like to see my entry for June, here it is:

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