Getting Started in Homeschool Nature Study Guide

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Just how do you get started in homeschool nature study? How do families participate in the Outdoor Hour Challenges? It is so simple to get started and we will show you how. Grab this free Homeschool Nature Study Guide and discover the joys of nature study in your homeschool.

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Your Homeschool Nature Study Guide

Tips for Getting Started with the Outdoor Hour Challenges In Your Homeschool Nature Study:

  • We always suggest that families start with the first ten Outdoor Hour Challenges, making sure to read the pages in the introduction of the Handbook of Nature Study as suggested in each challenge. Anna Botsford Comstock’s words there are are to encourage a better method of teaching “nature study”.
  • If you would like to try out some simple nature study ideas, simply download this sample with three free challenges for Getting Started in the Outdoor Hour Challenges. The full, 10 challenge guide is also included in homeschool nature study membership.

homeschool nature study guideWhat’s Included in the Getting Started in Homeschool Nature Study Guide?

These nature study resources include:

  • General Instructions for Getting Started
  •  A list of the very few materials and resources needed
  • Corresponding custom notebook pages to use in your nature journal for each challenge

3 Nature Outdoor Hour Challenges for Your Homeschool

These three Outdoor Hour Challenges are foundational for homeschool nature study!

  1. Let’s Get Started
  2. Using Your Words
  3. Now Is The Time To Draw

The remaining 7 challenges are included in Homeschool Nature Study Membership:

  • It Is Coming Into Focus
  • Keeping a List
  • Collections
  • Your Own Field Guide
  • Magnifying Lens
  • One Small Square
  • Picnic

What To Do After You Complete the First Three Outdoor Hour Challenges

Keep your nature study rolling after the first three challenges by joining us in our weekly nature study activities using the Handbook of Nature Study. Each week there will be a suggested Outdoor Hour Challenge for your family. It is so easy to get started!

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