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Welcome to the Homeschool Nature Study Membership! With homeschool nature study membership, you will have everything you need to bring the Handbook of Nature Study to life in your homeschool. Access to Outdoor Hour Challenges curriculum and resources to enrich your homeschool. *Nature membership is designed for use by one family. Please contact us about co-op pricing.

Now available! Monthly and quarterly membership options! 


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Homeschool Nature Study Made Simple. You Choose Your Nature Study Style!

  • Homeschool Nature Study resources at your fingertips
  • Nature study at your family’s own pace
  • Guided or independent nature study with the membership monthly calendar prompts and printables

With Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Homeschool Nature Study Membership, you and your family will enjoy access to:

  • Outdoor Hour Challenges Schedule of Nature Study  – downloadable plans
  • A Monthly Interactive Calendar with a Homeschool Nature Study Prompt for Each Day – never have to guess what to do next!
  • The eight seasonal courses and Handbook of Nature Study Outdoor Hour Challenge Curriculum below: Getting Started, Winter, Winter Wednesdays, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Wildflowers and Garden. Plus the new lessons that match these courses. For as long as you are a member.
  • Preschool Nature Study Plans and Printables

Homeschool Nature Study Members Enjoy Endless Access to Everything!

  • All courses and accompanying Handbook of Nature Study Outdoor Hour Challenge Curriculum
  • All NEW and nature study plans and activities during your membership year
  • An additional 24+ Outdoor Hour Challenge Homeschool Curriculum ebooks on many nature topics
  • Three NEW courses for moms – The Outdoor Mom, Nature Journaling and Nature Crafts courses!
  • All NEW homeschool nature study curriculum courses – click through and easily find what you need
  • A sampling of nature video art lessons from You ARE an ARTiST



Plus! Preschool and high school specific resources AND nature journaling lessons!

View the Complete Listing of All Outdoor Hour Challenge Curriculum Topics HERE.


Nature Study Journal/Notebook Pages/Printables On These Topics and MORE:

  • Printable Homeschool Nature Study Planners – from seasonal planning, nature goals, habitat, tree study and more
  • Nature Study Lapbooks
  • Bird Pages
  • Moss, Fungi and Lichen
  • Garden
  • Insect nature journal and copywork pages
  • Invertebrates
  • Mammals
  • Habitat Study, Journal and Notebook pages
  • Night Sky
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Rocks
  • Seasonal Pages
  • Tree
  • Wildflower

A HUGE library of downloadable and printable resources!

Annual Homeschool Nature Study Membership is a $600 value

That’s a huge discount for:

  • Instant access to the entire library of Outdoor Hour Challenges homeschool curriculum
  • Each month’s nature study planned for you
  • All future nature study resources, plans, curriculum for as long as you are a member

*Nature Study membership is designed for use by one family. Please contact us about co-op pricing.



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5 reviews for Homeschool Nature Study Membership

  1. Kristen Crowe (verified owner)

    When I first began homeschooling nature study wasn’t even on my radar. As I began finding my homeschool philosophy, I was intrigued, but it felt so overwhelming. The past couple of years, we’ve made it a priority. I love how nature study naturally lends itself to a more child-led learning approach. I also appreciate how nature study brings our family together to learn, myself included.
    I love the prompts/activities that this curriculum provides. It has been an open-and-go style, that has been easy on me as the teacher. My kids range in ages 13-4 and they have all enjoyed what we are learning. I highly recommend this to families with all ages and stages!!!

  2. Sandy Burns

    Nature study was always a little intimidating to me. I didn’t even know where to start. The Handbook of Nature Study sat on our bookshelf gathering dust because it was just too daunting to look at. Then we started the Homeschool Nature Study curriculum and it changed how we approached nature study. The short lessons and activity prompts made it so easy to integrate nature studies into our daily lessons. My kids have become so interested in the natural world around us and are so eager to learn about new things we encounter in our time outdoors.

  3. Jamie Gault

    If you’re looking for a Charlotte Mason inspired science curriculum, Homeschool Nature Study is it! Homeschool Nature Study carries an endless amount of learning and builds a foundation of knowledge by integrating Anna Comstock’s lovely book, The Handbook of Nature Study. Because of the essence of nature, there is so much to discover and unwrap. Homeschool Nature Study makes exploring easy and learning enjoyable by including a Calendar and focused Outdoor Hour Challenges/Ideas. The videos, links for further discovery, printables, and notebook pages encourage a gentle way of learning. Homeschool Nature Study also involves follow-up activities for each lesson, including advanced studies for seasoned learners. This has been a wonderful way to meet the wide array of learners and learning styles in our home. We love the memories we create while using this curriculum and spending time outdoors!
    I also love the Outdoor Mom series. Each month contains a beautifully written post that stirs a mother’s heart to slow down. I personally love the prompts and ideas that are designed to quiet our souls and rest.

  4. Stephanie Layton

    I love any chance to get my teen outside! We adapted some of the nature studies to fit our area (Rocky Mountains) and enjoyed the opportunity to discover, learn, and discuss what was going on around us together. Also it was fun for my teen to try out a photography elective while studying nature. We learned so much by just walking the mile loop behind our house every afternoon and throughout the different seasons.

    Who knew that Nature Study curriculum would offer so much quality time. Which feels like it grows shorter as they get older. I highly recommend this membership. There is always something to find and the calendar offers great prompts!!

  5. Dawn Peluso

    We love this nature study program! I use it for all four of my children, ages four to sixteen! It makes it so simple to study nature together and get outside and enjoy nature while we learn. I love that we can pick and choose what we do based on our interests or use the monthly calendar for new ideas.

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