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Spider and a Ladybug: Tangled Webs

My son’s keen eyes spotted this drama happening right on our back deck. The spider was spinning this ladybug up as we watched. The spider is gorgeous.

“Perhaps no structure made by a creature lower than man is so exquisitely perfect as the orb web of the spider…..There should be an orb web where the pupils can observe it, preferably with the spider in attendance.” Handbook of Nature Study, page 44

3 thoughts on “Spider and a Ladybug: Tangled Webs

  1. Too cool. Long ago, before kids, dh and I spent 15 minutes watching a large spider and a larger palmeto bug fight it out on our kitchen counter. It was like watching an insect rodeo. We cheered when the spider finally won.

  2. Great shot, Barb! And, beautiful spider!

  3. What am amazing shot!

    A few weeks ago we found a spider wrapping a bee, but I couldn’t get the focus to work–it kept getting the beach behind the web. I didn’t fuss too much with it b/c I was enthralled watching it live. I did manage to get a pic of the kids watching it:

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