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Spring Birds and Blue Skies

We had a flock of Cedar Waxwings come through yesterday and I was able to capture some pretty images of them up in the trees. They don’t ever stay long but I love to watch them…..we usually hear them before we spy them up in the trees. They have such a distinct sound.

So enjoy a couple of images of my friends the Cedar Waxwings.

They came on a Project Feederwatch day when I was observing the feeders. We have had fewer birds but more of a variety now that the season is changing. I say bring on the springtime weather!

The trees all continue to pop out with colors and this finch was spotted up in the tree just singing away.

What a great time of year to observe some birds and record the experiences in your nature journal.

So what birds have you seen in your yard this week?

4 thoughts on “Spring Birds and Blue Skies

  1. I’ve never seen a waxwing and I’m waiting for years to have an opportunity to spot one.
    How great you have them in your garden.
    Send a few over to the Netherlands, okay?
    Kindest greetings from Paula

  2. We have bluebirds coming every breakfast, lunch, & dinner to our suet feeder outside out dining room window! Unfortunately the sparrows chased them away from the box we set out for them, but they must have found another nest site, because they have stayed! I can’t believe how lucky we are to see them up close so often.

  3. Paula-
    I feel the same way about cardinals..I love them but we don’t have them here. I think Cedar waxwings are an interesting bird and so very beautiful.

    I would love to have some resident bluebirds but we only get them on occasion and briefly. Enjoy your bluebirds!

  4. We are so lucky to live in an area abundant with birds. Our regulars are bluejays, robins, cardinals, titmouse, sparrows, and so many more. My favorite among several is the Red-Headed woodpecker. He has arrived early this year.

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