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Spring Wildflowers-Part 6

Here is a Gray Mule Ear blooming on a really sunny slope. We have been watching this particular plant for almost a month now and last night….we saw this cheerful bloom.

The whole sunny slope has come alive with wildflowers. The bees and butterflies are making an appearance as well. We actually saw a Tiger swallowtail this past week right in this flowering area. The white flower is popcorn flower.

This is Buck brush and it is now blooming all along the trail. It has a sweetish smell…it is a little too much for me and always reminds me that allergy time is upon us. This is not really a wildflower but rather a blooming bush.

This is what the bush looks like…this is sort of a scrawny one so I will try to get another photo of it the next time we walk.

This pinkish/purple flowered plant is lining the trail as well. It is along the edges of the path and it is really blooming right now. I don’t know what it is except that it is sort of shaped like clover but not really. Very pretty.

Definitely *not* a wildflower…..poison oak! It is very easy to spot right now because the new growth is bright red. We realize now just how much poison oak there is on this hike.

I am partial to purple wildflowers and this one (vetch) is decorating the hillsides right now….so pretty.

Spring is here!
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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  1. such beauties–thanks for the photos, not mtany wildflowers her

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