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Summer Cattail Study – Our Cattail Spot

Summer Cattail Study 1

Summer Cattail Study- link to the current challenge

We made a trip to our cattail spot for our summer observations. We are in the middle of a drought in my part of California and I was sure that our cattail spot would be dry. I was right.

Summer Cattails (5)

There was no water at all in the pond for this summer observation. The cattail plants were still green but the ground was bone dry.

Summer Cattails (4)

The cattail flowers were really large and the soft parts were much longer than in previous years. What does that mean I wonder?

Summer Cattails (3)

I am estimating that if I was able to stand on the ground next to the cattails that they would be taller than I am…much more than 6 feet I think.

Compare the scene to spring.

Here is a link to our spring cattail observations and journal: Spring Cattail Observations.

Here is what it looked like then.

April 2014 Spring Cattail Observations

The area has filled in a lot since April but the water is all gone making it look very different. We shall now look forward to making some autumn observations.

Have you made your summer cattail observations?

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