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Autumn Bird and Woodpecker Nature Study


The Outdoor Hour Challenge this week is to go outside and observe a bird. If you want to learn about a specific bird, the lesson in the Handbook of Nature Study referenced below is for the woodpecker. Take some time to follow the links in the archived challenge to view a variety of woodpeckers and determine which ones live in your neighborhood.

Autumn Bird Study @handbookofnaturestudy

After your outdoor time, no matter what bird you found to study, follow up with the Autumn Bird notebook page found in the  free notebook page bundle available here and on the Autumn tab of the website.

Autumn Bird and Woodpecker Nature Study – Handbook of Nature Study Lesson 15 (pages 70-74)

Archive Outdoor Hour Challenge – Click the link above to take you to the original challenge.

Downy woodpecker

Make sure to click the link below to read the entire Outdoor Hour Challenge with helpful links, nature study ideas, printable notebooking pages, and suggested follow-up activities.

Autumn Bird and Woodpecker Nature Study – Handbook of Nature Study Lesson 15 (pages 70-74)


Printable Bird Feet Grid and Advanced Study Notebook Pages

A suggested activity in this Outdoor Hour Challenge is to look at birds’ feet and make some comparisons. This part of the study can be done with any two birds you can observe in person. Use the notebook pages linked above to record your research and observations.

Additional Ideas


 Learning About Birds 3D cover

Don’t forget that the Ultimate Naturalist and Journey level memberships have a Learning About Birds ebook for you to use in your bird nature study. This ebook helps you study many common birds using the Handbook of Nature Study.

OHC Plan 18 to 19 Join Us

This Outdoor Hour Challenge is part of the 2018-2019 Plan here on the Handbook of Nature Study. We’ll be using the Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock to discover new things about the world around us. Join us each Friday for a different nature study topic. Make sure to subscribe to this blog to receive the weekly challenge right in your email box.

Benefits by Level Updated size 500

If you want to become a member here on the Handbook of Nature Study, you can click the Join Us button for more details. Benefits include those shown above including access to ebooks, notebooking pages, archived newsletters, and new ebooks and printables published during your membership.

The links below are my affiliate links on I personally have used all of these books in our homeschool nature study of woodpeckers.

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Outdoor Hour Challenge – Woodpecker Bird Study

Outdoor Hour Challenge
Woodpecker Nature Study

Use the ideas in these challenges from the archives:
Black and White Birds – Woodpecker, Chickadee, Nuthatch, Towhee
Woodpeckers (2009)  
Ideas for Creating a Bird Themed Nature Table (printable)

Bird Feet
Use some of your time this week to observe some bird feet. Any birds will do so get creative…do you have ducks at a park, chickens near-by, or birds at your feeder?

These notebooking pages for your nature journal are meant to help you go deeper in your study of bird feet. page one can be used by younger children and page two is meant for a more advanced study. Feel free to choose one to use now and one to use later if you need to.

Here are some links to help you get started:
Birds Legs and Feet – lots of great images to view and discuss
Fantastic Feet of Birds – more amazing and clearly illustrated bird feet
Advanced Study – Types of Bird Feet

Printable Bird Feed Grid and Advanced Study Notebook Pages

Getting Started Suggestion:
If you already own the Getting Started ebook, complete Outdoor Hour Challenge #4. Use the ideas in this challenge to start a focused study of birds. Use the accompanying notebook page to record your week’s outdoor time and then start a running list of birds you see this month or for a season.    

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