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Winter Series of Outdoor Hour Challenges-Ebook Now Available!

I am really excited to announce that I have finished writing a completely new ebook for the Winter Series of Outdoor Hour Challenges. This ebook is a unique product that includes not only ten nature study challenges but three months’ worth of art and music appreciation with a winter theme! This is the first time I have combined all three elements into a full length ebook and I am anxious to share it with all of my readers and their families.

I have worked hard to produce an exciting ebook to help you with simple winter nature study and give you some help and direction in providing art and music appreciation. This unique nature study book also includes everything you need to study art and music all winter long. I invite you to download the sample and see how you can get started with nature study, artist study, and composer study this winter!

Here is an overview!

  • 10 Winter Series Outdoor Hour Challenges: winter cattail, winter tree, winter sky, winter weather, pine tree study, salt study, winter bird, small square, winter mammal, and early spring flower study.
  • 13 custom notebook pages to complement those challenges
  • 3 different artists to study-one per month (Caspar David Friedrich, Gilbert Stuart, and Claude Monet)
  • 3 different composers to study-one per month (Vivaldi, Waldteufel, and Dvorak)
  • 11 custom notebook pages to use in following up your art and music study
  • 3 paintings included for you to print or view
  • Ideas for art projects to complete your art appreciation with common art supplies you probably have on hand
  • Resource list
  • Clickable links
  • View a sample: Winter Series Sample

In total, this new Winter Nature Study ebook is 56 pages long. You will have a complete plan at your fingertips for your winter nature study, art appreciation, and music study. All of the art prints are included in the ebook and there are links to viewing them online as well. All of the music planned is available to listen to online. You will need to have the Handbook of Nature Study in order to complete the nature study challenges. I have aimed to keep these challenges and studies as simple as possible with very few additional resources needed.


Please realize that the challenges are listed on the winter tab at the top of my blog but the ebook gathers the challenges all into one easy to use resource along with the custom notebook pages.