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Nature Book Project 2019

Nature Book Project 2019 @handbookofnaturestudy

I was thinking about completing another year of intense nature themed reading in 2019. But, in light of making my Nature Goals for 2019 (soon to be posted); I could see that I would easily be overwhelmed with a big list of books on top of everything else I’m hoping to accomplish.

So, I cut the number of books to four and I’m going to be a little more flexible about which particular books I’ll be reading. I have only one specific book chosen so far but I’ll be doing a little more research into the other three selections as the year unfolds.

Please note this entry includes Amazon affiliate links to books I plan on purchasing and reading in 2019.

  1. Nature Principle by Richard Louv. I’ve been meaning to take a look at this one for awhile now but haven’t made time for it yet.
  2. New Field Guide – I’ve had my eye on a particular field guide that features the birds of Oregon.
  3. Travel – We have in mind a trip to Maine in the fall with our daughter. I hope to visit Acadia National Park, so maybe a book on that particular area as a way to plan our adventure.
  4. Misc. topics to be determined – nature poetry, drawing skills, book on training dogs, classic Muir?

As usual, I’ll be reading and sharing all of the books here on the blog as the year progresses.

If you have any suggestions for nature related books for me to consider reading this year, you can leave me a comment or shoot me an email.

Previous Years Nature Book Project Entries

The last time I did a Nature Book Project was in 2016 and here’s the link if you want to see that list of books: Nature Book Project 2016.

I did a Nature Book Project in 2015 as well and if you’d like to see those books listed out, here’s that entry: Nature Book Project 2015.

As part of this project, I created a printable nature book project planner page so you can choose your own custom list of nature books. Print it out and use the suggested categories to inspire some book ideas. Please note that the book links below are affiliate links.

Nature Book Project Planner Page @handbookofnaturestudy

Free Downloadable Printable – Nature Book Project Planner Page @handbookofnaturestudy