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Using Less Plastics Update #5 Using Fewer Disposable Plastic Cups

Using Fewer Disposable Cups

I have two tips for you that have saved me from wasting too many plastic cups.

#1 Ask for Recyclable Cups
When you eat out, make sure your take-away cup is not plastic.Ask beforehand because sometimes you have a choice between a plastic or paper cup. Our McDonalds has a $1 for any size drink policy. If you order a large, you get a plastic cup. If you order a medium or small, you get a paper cup. We make sure to order a medium on the rare trip to McDonalds. Wouldn’t it be nice if McDonalds had a recycling bin for all those large drink cups that get thrown in the trash can?

Sidenote: If you drink coffee or tea at Starbucks and are enjoying it in the restaurant, ask for a mug instead of a paper cup. You can also bring your own  personal cup and they will refill it for you (for a 10 cent discount). If you are purchasing a cold drink this will eliminate the need for a disposable plastic cup.

#2 Write Names on Disposable Cups
We recently had a graduation party and I realized if I put a Sharpie pen by the drink cups…people would write their names on them and then reuse the cup. This was a great savings in disposable plastic.

These are both really small ideas but I decided over time they would make an impact on our disposable plastic usage.We are keeping at this project and feel good about the progress we have made in using less as the months go by.

Any summertime tips for using less plastic?

2 thoughts on “Using Less Plastics Update #5 Using Fewer Disposable Plastic Cups

  1. We are working on filling water bottles each evening to toss into the car during the day. I’m purchasing, piece by piece, lunch box containers. Not only does the lunch stay better, it doesn’t get squished,and I don’t have baggies to toss. I thought it would add a lot more time, but it honestly hasn’t.

  2. When my sister has parties or larger groups than her regular cups can accommodate she has everyone write their names on the glasses. But she takes it even further. She saves most of the glasses, washes them out and uses them again telling everyone at the next gathering to pick a glass with a name and you’re that name! Or they can scratch out the name and write their own. I thought that was pretty creative and a great money saver!

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