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Acorn Woodpecker – Visitor to Our Backyard

2 4 11 woodpeckers (7)

Look at that beak! We were surprised when we looked out the window a few days ago and we saw three woodpeckers in our backyard. They were large birds and very colorful. They looked a little different than our “normal” woodpeckers so we had to look them up to identify them for sure.

We decided it is an Acorn woodpecker.

2 4 11 woodpeckers (1)

This beautiful bird is welcome in our yard at any time.

Here is a link to All About Birds for the Acorn Woodpecker.
We found a coloring page that will help us draw this bird in our nature journals.

8 thoughts on “Acorn Woodpecker – Visitor to Our Backyard

  1. It’s always fun when a new bird visits! Thanks for sharing.

  2. He is gorgeous! It is so much fun to have new feathered visitors. We have attracted a group of yellow rumped warblers for the first time this week. They have been daily visitors since they found us!

  3. What a cute little warbler!

    You are right…new birds are exciting.

  4. My daughters and I were so excited to see the acorn woodpecker. We were just learning more about woodpeckers today as part of our nature study.

    We saw a picture of the acorn woodpecker in a book this moring; but to see a picture of one in your backyard eating from a feeder gave us a much better idea the size of these huge – and beautiful – birds!

    We don’t have acorn woodpeckers here. The largest type that has visited our farm is the pileated woodpeckers which is about 19″ long.

  5. This is such a fantastic find! I am a fellow Charlotte Mason homeschooler, and I recently bought “Handbook of Nature Study”. I am excited to use it and get ideas from your blog!

  6. Aren’t they beautiful. We just saw a large red headed woodpecker in our woods the other day!

  7. Hi Barb! I passed along the Stylish Blogger Award to you (if you like these things). Your blog is one of my favorites, so I wanted to include it.


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