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Autumn Wildflower Study: Milkweed Observations

Alternate Autumn Wildflower Study

Autumn Milkweed Observations


Many families live in areas where you can readily find milkweed growing. Autumn is a fantastic season to start a milkweed study because the pods and seeds are so amazing and fascinating to most of us.

Milkweed+Seeds+autumn.jpgYou can use this link to see our Autumn Milkweed Study from a few years ago.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Milkweed Study @handbookofnaturestudy

The original Outdoor Hour Challenge for the autumn milkweed study is found here: Outdoor Hour Challenge – Milkweed.

More Nature Study Autumn Cover imageAs an added bonus, the sample challenge from the More Nature Study – Autumn ebook is the milkweed study.  You can take a look at what the challenge looks like in the ebook by downloading the sample.

>>>>>>Milkweed Challenge with notebook pages and a coloring page.

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