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Backyard Bird: Robin in the Pistache Tree

Robin in the Pistache Tree
American Robin. Isn’t he magnificent? What a great image with all the colors!

We had a flock of robins, starlings, and another bird I never could identify fly through our neighborhood yesterday. They were all perching in the pistache tree and eating the fruits/nuts. What a noise they made!

Our Dark-eyed Juncos were at the feeder yesterday for the first time in a very long time. There are also about 25 House sparrows and White-crowned sparrows at a time that eat at the front birdfeeder each day.

I am really loving this time of year and the return of so many birds to our area.

1 thought on “Backyard Bird: Robin in the Pistache Tree

  1. Cool tree, Barb. We don’t have those on the East Coast. It’s not related to the pistach-IO is it?

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