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Brand New! Outdoor Hour Challenge: Dill Herb Nature Study

Brand New! Outdoor Hour Challenge

Dill Herb Nature Study

This week we’re going to learn about dill as part of our herb nature study. Listed below are some suggested observations to make while observing your dill sample. This aromatic and delicious herb is easy to study and is a common item in many produce departments and garden nurseries.

Dill Observation Ideas

  • Observe the dill plant’s leaves and stem. Measure the height of your dill plant and keep a record as it matures.
  • Observe the foliage and draw it in your nature journal. What is the texture of the leaf?  Crush a few of the leaves and describe its aroma. Taste the dill. Does it remind you of any of your favorite foods?
  • Observe the flowers if they are present. Can you see 5 tiny petals and 5 tiny stamens? What is the flower’s color and size? Do they have a fragrance?
  • Measure the flower umbel. Did you see any insects on the plant or flowers? You will often observe small wasps, flies, and hover flies on dill flowers.

Outdoor Hour Challenge dill nature study

Remember that the rest of the challenge is available to Ultimate and Journey level members here on the Handbook of Nature Study.  You will need to sign into your Ultimate or Journey level membership to see the herb ebook download. Once you log in, you can download the Herb Ebook for the complete challenge, the notebook page, and the coloring page.

Herb Nature Study ebook cover graphic

Outdoor Hour Challenge-Herb Ebook: Download the cilantro sample here.

Here are the specific topics included in this ebook:

  • Cilantro
  • Basil
  • Bee Balm
  • Oregano
  • Dill
  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Mint


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