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Buddy Fruits – Product Review

Healthy eating while on the go can be a challenge. Packing fruit in your backpack can be messy and dried fruits can become tiresome. Buddy Fruits products have helped our family keep a healthy and whole food diet as we have traveled this summer. I received a variety of Buddy Fruits to review back in June and we finished those and purchased some more, taking them everywhere as we hiked, biked, and kayaked our way through the summer months.

I was attracted to Buddy Fruits because they are 100% natural and do not contain added sugar. They seemed an easy way to fit in a serving of fruit at times when it was not convenient to carry pieces of fruit along on our adventures.

We received three different products to test-Fruit Bites, Blended Fruit, and Blended Fruit and Milk Smoothies.

Buddy Fruits Pure Fruit Bites-
Only Fruit Nothing Else (no dairy):

This was our favorite product and each resealable pouch of fruit bites is one serving of fruit. We shared these with some young friends at a recent gathering and here are some of their thoughts.

“Raspberry! Awesome! I am not sharing these!” 
8 year old boy.  
Art Day and Buddy Fruits
Enjoying some Buddy Fruit Bites while creating some art!
“These are better than gummies…can I have some more?” 
9 year old girl.

The kids loved them! The adults found the texture a little softer than expected and most thought they were very sweet. Personally I thought the pomegranate and acai flavor was the best, the raspberry tasted like jam, and the orange was refreshing. They worked well packed in our daypacks for hikes, giving us a burst of flavor as we enjoyed the great outdoors.

Buddy Fruits 1
Buddy Fruit Pure Blended Fruit on Our Kayak Trip
Buddy Fruits-Pure Blended Fruit (no dairy or gluten):

These pouches of blended fruits were a hit with the teen crowd. I don’t know if it was more the novelty of squeezing fruit out of a pouch or the flavors but they gobbled these down. Everyone thought the texture was like thick applesauce which made it easy to grab these and squeeze out a serving of fruit.

The pouches have a screw cap so if you want to save a bit for later it is convenient and there is no mess. Also when you eat these on the trail, there is no need for a knife or spoon and there are no sticky peels or seeds to pack out.

Picnic and Buddy Fruits
Check out the recloseable top and the pure healthy ingredients.

They are 100% pure fruit with no added sugar. They are gluten and dairy free. Worth noting are the flavors and ingredients of Buddy Fruits-Pure Blended Fruit available:

  • Apple and Multi-Fruit: Apple, banana, passion fruit juice, mango, strawberry, concentrated apple juice.
  • Apple and Strawberry: Apple, strawberry, blackcurrant juice, concentrated apple juice.
  • Mango Passion and Banana: Mango, apple, banana, passion fruit juice.
  • Apple Banana: Apple, banana, concentrated apple juice, lemon juice.
  • Apple Cinnamon: Apple, concentrated apple juice, cinnamon.

Delicious! We all had to try a bit of each one just to decide on a favorite.

Buddy Fruits –Blended Fruit and Milk Smoothie (no gluten):

Smoothies in a pouch seemed like a convenient way to take them on the road as we traveled but most of us agreed that they needed to be really cold in order to enjoy them. I ended up only packing them when we were taking an ice chest and my teens thought they were delicious as part of our picnic meals. They all agreed that the peach flavored smoothie was the best and tasted like a smoothie we would make at home.

We shared these with some younger children and they thought they were great and it was a novelty for them to have their own little smoothie pouch with a recloseable screw top. The moms agreed that having the ability to offer a few sips and then seal it up for later was ingenious.

Buddy Fruits 3
Buddy Fruits became a regular part of our picnic menu.

If your family finds it important to use natural products with pure ingredients and have the convenience of taking fruit along with you, Buddy Fruits are the answer. They are packaged in such an appealing way that your reluctant fruit eaters might just decide they like fruit. It is fun to squeeze the packages and the flavors are bold and delicious. We found that our local grocery store sells Buddy Fruit products so we have continued to take these along with us even after our review products were gone. I think that tells you how much we liked this product. (You can go to their website and enter your location to find the nearest retailer for Buddy Fruits products.)

The Buddy Fruits website is a wealth of information on each of the products and flavors. I encourage you to pop over and read more about these delicious, healthy, and fun products that will make offering fruit on the go a snap.

Please note that I received these products for free in exchange for a fair and honest review here on my blog. I received no other compensation from Buddy Fruits.

44 thoughts on “Buddy Fruits – Product Review

  1. The peach smoothies sounds great. Can’t wait to try them!

  2. We love fruit buddies but they are hard to find. Never thought of ordering them direct.

  3. Emmalee,

    I was surprised to find them at our local grocery store chain but I am tempted to purchase them from in bulk because they are less expensive that way. I use Amazon Prime so there is no shipping. 🙂

  4. They all sound good, but I would first try the Apple Strawberry or Apple Cinnamon.

  5. I have seen these , but not tried them. I will check it out.

  6. I have never tried these before or even heard of them… sometimes I wonder about me! 😉

  7. Mango Passion and Banana sounds the best of all of the flavors, to me. I have never heard of these before, but I know they would be a hit with my 7, 5, and 2 year old children. We all love to hike and hiking season is coming up.

  8. all of it sounds good to me :0

  9. LOVE this idea. No mess, but yummy (according to Barb!) and healthful. I *heart* the option to cap it and save some for later!

  10. I would love to try the coconut milk and fruit! I will be looking in the few stores in my area to see if any carry Buddy Fruits!

  11. Raspberry sounds great!
    Elizabeth S.

  12. I would love to try any of the little gummy ones. My kids would think they’re candy!

  13. Anything raspberry would be a huge hit at our house!

  14. These sound yummy! And the kind of whole food I like to feed my family!

  15. I think we would like to try the apple strawberry flavor first. Thanks for sharing this with us. I think these would be a good option for emergency kits, too.

  16. coconut and milk sounds interesting….but would love to try any of them…

  17. Raspberry sounds delicious!

  18. I would love to try any of the fruit bites. Sounds like a good alternative to some of the other pre-
    packaged snacks out there.

  19. My kids love fruit snacks, but we stopped eating them because of all the junk in them. Can’t wait to try the raspberry fruit bites. Never heard of these! Thanks!

  20. apple strawberry would be my favorite. We hike a lot so this is a great idea! Thanks for writing the review!

  21. I’ve been thinking about adding dried fruit into our snacking routine but most of the ones I found had plenty of added sugar so I decided to pass on it. These fruit buddies sound like a definite possibility if we like the way they taste. My kids can be kind of particular on texture of food. Thanks for the opportunity to win a sample pack.

  22. We love these type of snacks!! The apple cinnamon sounds delicious (as do the other flavors)!!! Thank you for the review.

  23. My guys like the apple banana ones best.

  24. Apple Strawberry sounds tasty!

  25. Apple cinnamon sounds great!

    cookiert at yahoo

  26. Apple Strawberry sounds good

  27. Oh boy… Mango Passion sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  28. Well I think they all sound great – and the variety would fit the different tastes of my five children. Yum! Love your photos – what fun!

  29. Apple strawberry sounds most delicious, but all sound super convenient!

  30. I think my kids would love these and I’m always looking for ways to get more fruit into their diets. — Tina

  31. Apple strawberry sounds very yummy to me!

  32. Apple cinnamon blend sounds great! They all do!

  33. Sounds yummy; can’t wait to try them!

  34. apple strawberry YUMMMy!

  35. The apple and multifruit sounds good – but they all do! 😉

  36. Anything peach sounds tempting!!

  37. We haven’t tried Buddy Fruits, but they look like a great no-mess option for a picnic or road trip. We recently gave up dairy, so the coconut milk smoothy looks good. My boys love anything banana!

  38. I have been curious about this product! The apple strawberry sounds good!

  39. Apple Strawberry sounds great.

  40. I have seen these and wondered if they would be any good. Thanks for the review. I think my kids would love them too!

  41. My kids love these! Their faves are banana apple and apple cinnamon.

  42. Apple Strawberry sounds really good to me!

  43. We’ve got a shelf in the ‘fridge drawer dedicated to Buddy Fruit. (they were buy 1 get 1 last week) Just my personal endorsement.

  44. thanks for the raffle I’m excited to get my package and give them a try!

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