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Butterfly Days – Early Autumn Time Garden Update

9 12 11 Front Yard

It feels like fall and the front yard is starting to change and take on the colors of autumn. The leaves are starting to drop from the Tulip tree, blanketing the ground with a riot of yellows, oranges, and browns.

9 12 11 Front Yard Remodel Progress

Time for a front yard update! I can hardly believe this is the same yard that we planted last fall and saw come alive last spring. You can see my July Update post for several images of the garden. We have been able to cut our watering down to twice a week and I anticipate even less next summer once the plants are all established. It is amazing the color and variety you get even within drought resistance plants. I love this yard so much more than the old ordinary lawn we replaced.

Note: We live in a dry place. Normal summers mean NO rain at all and this was a dry summer. We have had somewhat cooler than normal temperatures up until the last ten days. The heat turned on and I have been closely watching the yard for signs that I needed to water a bit but the only thing I pulled the hose out for was to fill up the birdbath.

Textures in the Front Yard

One of my favorite aspects of this garden is the many textures and the movement that you notice when you watch it from the window. The grasses sway in the slightest breezes.

Front Yard Remodel Pink Grasses

Here is a close-up of the pink fountain grass. It is so very delicate and feathery.

White Butterfly Bush with Butterfly

One of our goals in plant choices was to have the yard become a habitat for living things….like these butterflies.

Butterfly Bush White with Butterfly

We also wanted fragrances and with the lavender, sage, and butterfly bushes all in bloom we have a yard that smells inviting to humans and other creatures.

Butterfly Bush White with Skipper Butterflies

If you look closely at the left bloom, there are two skipper butterflies stopping by to enjoy the flower this morning. The plantings also encourage the birds to visit and the hummingbirds can be seen daily in and out of this garden.

Butterfly Bush with Delicate Colors

Everything about this yard inspires me to be creative….the delicate pinks of the butterfly bush, the lavender of the sage, the crimson of the crepe myrtle. I just want to snap as many photos as I can so on a cold winter afternoon I can pull them out and paint some in my journal to cheer me up, reminders of warmer days.

Sage and a Butterfly

One last butterfly on the sage….this plant didn’t look very healthy at the beginning of the season but it loved the heat and sunshine. It made an amazing comeback. (I like the shadow of the sage on the rock below the butterfly…just like lace.)

Another great update showing the progress in our frontyard remodel. It has been a year since we underwent the big change and I have no regrets.

Jami’s Tuesday Garden Party meme is open from Tuesday to Thursday so there is still time for you to jump in and participate!

5 thoughts on “Butterfly Days – Early Autumn Time Garden Update

  1. Lots to love and enjoy in the garden this time of year too. People get obsessed about Spring and Summer color – and they forget about all the lovely shades of Autumn!

  2. Beautiful post! My favorite part about gardening this year has been watching the butterflies that come to visit.

  3. Mrs. Barb, the garden is beautiful! And, oh my goodness, I love your header!!

  4. We are in the middle of a complete redesign of the blog…started with the big stuff and working down to the details.

    Lots of work but so pretty!!!

  5. I also wanted to compliment you on the lovely header and the new look of your blog! Your photos are always so inspiring!

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