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California Shrub: Chamise

I have identified my first shrub of 2013- Chamise or Greasewood (Adenostoma fasciculatum). This is a shrub that is just about everywhere we go in our hiking and walking locally. It has such a sweet smell that many times it is overwhelming as you hike through a patch of it. The white clusters of flowers are so pretty in the early spring and in our area they are at their peak right now.

Clouds and Chamise
This is my favorite photo of chamise taken a few years ago on our walking trail.

Chamise (or Greasewood)

  • Rose Family
  • Shrub 2 to 10 feet tall.
  • The white flowers cluster at the ends of the stems.
  • Leaves are short and green.
  • Most common shrubs of the chaparral habitat.
  • Forms dense clusters of shrubs where small animals find protection.
  • Common name comes from the resinous foliage. This quality is what contributes to it being great fuel for brush fires.

We have had fun observing it and finding it in more and more places since we were aware of it…now it is safely tucked into our nature journals as well.

So how am I doing on my Nature Study Goals for 2013?

  • Learn about ten new birds, including nature journal entries and learning their calls. – 2 birds done
  • Learn about five new trees in my local area. – 1 in the works
  • Learn about five scrubs that I see along my walking trail or our favorite hiking trail. – 1 finished, 2 in the works
  • Take four new hikes. (These are tentatively planned in my planner along with maps.) – 1 completed
  • 15 Rocks in the book: Rocks, Fossils, and Arrowheads – 2 down

I think I better get busy…now that the weather is warmer I may be able to tackle a few each month. I will of course share with you as I complete them.

How are your nature study goals going for 2013?

5 thoughts on “California Shrub: Chamise

  1. Barb,
    I’m not new here and am getting closer to following your lead. Have been wanting to do what you are doing for so long. You are a great encouragement to me. Many, many thanks for all your sharing.

  2. Hi Barb,

    I only set one goal to start with – getting out for a good bush walk on a regular basis -ie weekly if possible. We’ve been doing this so I’m going to set some more. I hadn’t really set a specific goal before & have found it helpful.

  3. I really like this update.
    May I use the button for my 2013 nature goals posts too? I’ll make my own if it’s not ok 🙂

  4. Alex-
    Sure I know a couple other people are using it so please feel free to include it in your post.

    Thanks for asking,

  5. Hi Barb,
    Does this plant has sticky leaves and a wonderful smell?

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