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Focusing on Reptile and Amphibian Nature Study

Last week’s Focus on Reptiles and Amphibians challenge was to start a focus study of reptiles and amphibians in our local area whether that was actually going out and finding a subject to investigate or to use this week’s challenge as a preparation for a future outing. We were fortunate enough to have two different snakes cross our trail (literally) last week and for my nature journal I used the printable reptile notebook page from the Reptile and Amphibian Grid Study entry earlier this month.

I pulled out our field guides and did some research into our two snakes and recorded the information and a couple of quick sketches for my journal. Snakes are not my favorite nature study subject but it is helpful to know a little bit about these two common snakes that live in our area.

I started a “reptile and amphibian” section in my nature notebook and I plan on adding to it as subjects arise. I have a short list of things to research and record as I have time over the next few weeks.

Nature Journal Organization - tabs
You can read more about how we organize our nature notebook pages in a binder in this entry:
How to Organize Your Nature Notebook Pages.

Have you seen any reptiles this month?

3 thoughts on “Focusing on Reptile and Amphibian Nature Study

  1. this may seem a strange question but…do you have more than one binder? it would seem to me that after so many years doing this you would have more than just an 1 1/2 binder. i am now motivated to start my own binder! i went to an office supply store and bought a leather 1 1/2″ view binder. it is loaded with copies of the last few months of printouts, your blank freebies and my own life list. i am ready and eager to start!

  2. This is my one binder for all the nature notebooking pages I have completed. My son’s is the same size.

    I don’t have any blank pages in my binder, only ones that are completed.

    I also have another nature journal that I use that is a spiral bound sketch book. I have completed several of these over the years.

    Take a peek.

  3. All the critters are starting to come out and play here. So far we have seen an Eastern Fence Lizard and a couple of Skinks and Anole lizards. I ahve not seen any frogs or snakes yet. I am always excited for the frogs! The snakes…well..

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