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Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival – Science Edition

I have the privilege of hosting the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival for this week’s science edition.

Charlotte Mason was an educator during the late 1800’s and was adamant about science being about real things…things that the children could relate to and have a connection with. She also was a huge advocate of nature study, regular outings that started when the children were young and curious. These ideas have heavily influenced how science and nature study were offered in our homeschool.

I am eternally grateful for Charlotte Mason and her emphasis on keeping things real. I am sure you will be interested in reading this edition’s entries from all around the world.

Living Books Sketch
Here are several of our science related entries, showing our family’s application of the CM Method for our science studies:
Living Books for High School Science 
I was determined to include living books as part of our weekly plans as well. I didn’t want to abandon our Charlotte Mason feel to our homeschool even in high school. Looking back, I think it was one of the most important decisions we made”

Making Apologia Science Texts Work in Our (Charlotte Mason) Family
Any text is a tool and you can make it work to fit your child. Just because a text has a certain plan for its study, don’t forget that you can adapt the plan so your children get the most out of that text.”

Boys Hiking Collage
Nature Study for High Students- Reflections
“When we crossed the gap from elementary science to upper level science, I was grateful for our outdoor studies and the solid ground laid for high school biology…the study of life. All those years of personal face to face contact with nature, making observations and asking questions, has given us something to digest and to reason on as we work through the upper level sciences.”
More Science Related Entries from Other Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers

Elisabeth from Treasuring the Moments shares her entry: Science-Are We Equipping Our Kids for Life?
“So how did our friend Brian Jones captivate us?  By stories.  He told us so many stories about “his animals”. Stories of mischief, danger, protection. We were captivated and enthralled and learned more about those animals than we had ever known before.”

Nancy from Sage Parnassus has submitted her entry: Science-Each New Thing is a Delight. 
“Mason assures us  that we can make science that wide place where each new thing is a delight.  I don’t think the answer is in dry textbooks but in living books with plenty of time and space to explore and discover.”

Nebby from Letters from Nebby has written and shared her entry: How to Study Science in a CM Way.
But how do we study science in a CM way? I put that little question mark in parentheses in the title of this post because I am as much asking as telling. I have  a few thoughts but I would love more input, especially as we enter the dreaded high school years.”

Nicole from A Sabbath Mood Homeschool would love to share her entry with you: Science-The Last Hold Out.
“Science seems to be a last hold out – that one subject we don’t want to hand over to Miss. Mason. We reason that she lived in a different time and place than we do now, and that she couldn’t have understood then how important a science education is now for our students in this technology driven world.”

Tammy from Aut-2B Home in Carolina submits her entry: Science for Students in the Autism Spectrum.
“Some autistic students develop the habit of frustration for a variety of reasons. It takes time to help them find joy in learning what is beyond their pet interests. Every person is different, so what works for one autie may not inspire another.”

Megan from The Winding Ascent has submitted her entry: Knowledge of the Universe.
“As many of you know, Science is not my forte. Neither is math. These are the joy of left brain, administrative people, not right brain creatives like me, right? Well, that’s not completely true.”

 Additional Charlotte Mason Themed Entries
Annie Kate from Tea Time with Annie Kate share her entry: Review-Mathematics: Is God Silent?
“This is a beautiful book for moms about the history and philosophy of mathematics and it explains a way to teach math that’s consistent with the way the universe functions.  I think I finally am starting to understand the idea of ‘living math’.”

Brandy from Afterthoughts submits her 31 Days of Charlotte Mason post for you to enjoy.
“I’m hosting 31 Days of CM and thought I’d submit the link to Day 1, which includes the directory for the month (which I add to each day)…..I think total there will be something like 17 guest posts from about 15 different authors.”

Cindy from Our Journey Westward would love to share her entry: How I Teach Active Kids Using the Charlotte Mason Method.
“Just how does a CM education mesh with the busyness of boys – or inquisitive gifted kids – or minds that jump from one thing to another in a matter of seconds?”

Amy from Fisher Academy International would love for you to view her entry: A Nature Study.

Celeste from Joyous Lessons would love for you to read her entry: The Case for a Non-Fiction Home Library.
I don’t know about you, but non-fiction books used to be the first kind of books I would pass over at a book sale, thinking, “Oh, I can just Google it,” or “We can get books on that topic from the library when they’re interested.”  But once my kids really started reading independently, I had a change of heart.”

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