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Colors of the Garden: Shamrocks and Rudbeckia

My daughter loves all things about Ireland and she planted these shamrocks a few years ago in her garden box.

This year they are blooming with this delicate pink flower. The first photo is the flower and the second shows the leaves and plant. Interesting huh?

Here is another photo of interesting leaves from my garden. I just found the packing slip that told me what this plant is in my garden box…..Black Beauty Rudbeckia. It is a variety of coneflower and will have a dark, purplish flower when it blooms. For now, we are really enjoying the colors of the leaves and the stem of the plant.

I found on the internet that it will grow to be 5 to 6 feet tall. I can hardly wait to see it full grown and blooming. Of course I will share photos.

1 thought on “Colors of the Garden: Shamrocks and Rudbeckia

  1. My grandmother gave me a shamrock a couple of years ago. I think they’re beautiful! Mine is more of a purple color, though.

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