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Counting Birds for the Great Backyard Bird Count


We have been counting birds for the Great Backyard Bird Count. It started on Friday and will continue through today. We have had all the usual customers at the feeders and a few surprises too!

The white-crowned sparrow usually feeds in our front yard in the forsythia bush which has a blackberry vine tangled in it with some of last summers berries all dried up and ready for eating.

The dark-eyed juncos are a frequent visitor to our feeders and they enjoy both the platform feeder and eating from the ground beneath it.

The hanging feeders were filled with sparrows, finches, and the occasional nuthatch.

Here is our official bird count for Friday:

  • 5 Western scrub jays
  • 2 titmouses
  • 1 red-breasted nuthatch
  • 1 spotted towhee
  • 2 California towhees
  • 6 white-crowned sparrows
  • 12 dark-eyed juncos
  • 1 house finch….probably more we just didn’t catch them when we were counting
  • 7 house sparrows

Those were in the feeders but we also saw in our yard:
1 American crow
2 American robins

In our travels yesterday, we saw:
3 turkey vultures
40+ Canadian geese
6 wild turkeys

This is a great family project that we have participated in for the past three years. If you miss it this year, mark your calendars for next February so you won’t forget!

2 thoughts on “Counting Birds for the Great Backyard Bird Count

  1. Barb! Sorry we didnt participate in Sketch Tuesday today… we just waited till the last minute again and didnt get to it.

    I wanted to share that I did this with my son years ago! We loved it! We lived in the city then and it was so fun to see how many birds and what kind came in our back yard.

    We will be sending that nature post in soon… This is a nice, needed break from regular grinds of homeschooling for sure! I need spring!! *Ü*


  2. PS… I got the lesson guides last week for 7th and 8th grades! Looks great!

    We will begin using them mid summer… mid August when we start a new year. If we can wait that long…

    Thanks again!


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