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December World – Raging River in the Rain

Foresthill Bridge 12 20 10

Could it have been the day before the first day of winter? It sure felt like it yesterday as we took a drive down to the river to see the high water. Rain, nothing but rain, the last few days which means the rivers and dams are filling up with the run-off.

Foresthill Bridge and American River 12 20 10

The American River Confluence is a raging wall of water on this last day of autumn. The beaches are all gone and the whitewater rapids are not visible as the river is swollen up onto its banks. The rain stopped long enough for us to jump out of the car and capture a few misty, wet images of the trail and the river.

December World = Wet.

PS Did you see the lunar eclipse? We had too many clouds although we were out and looking a couple of times last night.

4 thoughts on “December World – Raging River in the Rain

  1. Wet. Yes – I agree! We went out to look a couple of times – but it went behind the trees. I think Nate looked late into the night. His window pointed out at it, and I see his blind is up this morning. I have a couple of posts to write for the December Challenges. 🙂

  2. Love the alliteration. Wow – definitely a raging river! We had clouds for the eclipse, so we held a virtual viewing with the photo my husband got of same back in 2004:

  3. We have a very dry December with deep snow. It is so beautiful in the Netherlands/Belgium.
    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a great new outdoor 2011.

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