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Dry December Leading Into a Dry January – Free Weather Chart Notebook Page

1 3 12 bulbs sprouting
I have noticed that most of my bulbs are springing up early. If we get our wet or snowy weather, it will be interesting to see what the flowers continue to do.

Last month was the driest December since 1883 in our part of California…according to my dear husband. As a wildland firefighter he keeps an eye on the weather and the humidity. Right now our area is VERY dry and the potential for fire is going to be high until it rains. This is not a typical winter.

I looked it up on the internet and the article I found said that our warm weather is because of a summer-like high pressure ridge that has remained in place since early December 2011. Here is a video: Dry December.

I looked up our normal temperatures for this time of year:
Normal high is 51 degrees.
Yesterday the high was 66 degrees!

We are going to start keeping track of our highs and lows and any precipitation we do eventually get. Keeping a weather record chart is a great tool for your nature journal and allows you to look back and make some conclusions and comparisons. This is an easy nature related study that you can do wherever you live.

Would you like a free downloadable Weather Record Chart?
Weather Record Chart

You can download this free printable chart:

Weather Record Chart

7 thoughts on “Dry December Leading Into a Dry January – Free Weather Chart Notebook Page

  1. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Barb, we are south of you in Ventura County and our highs have been in the low 80’s. Very dry in deed. I like your temp. chart, great idea : )

  3. We are south once again in San Diego County. Today our high was 82′ and my son complained about the heat. lol. He said it felt like summer.
    I like the idea of the temp chart. Thanks.

  4. I live just north of Mobile, Alabama. We normally get 5 inches of rain in December. Last month we only got 2!! This is not good. Many of the trees around here depend on the winter rains for their summer strength. The trees aren’t bothered by summer drought but winter drought…

    We need rain too.

    Thanks for the downloadable. I am going to print it to share with my kids.

  5. Just printed on this frosty, southern morning. Thank you.

  6. this is a great idea!

    I wish I would have started doing something like this sooner.

    …heading back over to print off the chart.

    Thanks for sharing:)

  7. I got a digital weather station for Christmas. This is just the thing for putting it to use.

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