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Early Spring Snow Day

View from My Window - Snow Day 2012
We woke to snow this morning….the first real snow we have had this winter. What a delight to get out and feel the quiet moments before the world really comes alive on a snowy morning. The snow was falling so softly….like being in a snow globe.

Snow on the Deck - Winter 2012
The snow didn’t last long with afternoon showers washing it away but for the first few moments of the morning it is picture perfect.

Grape Hyacinth in the Snow
Look at these little beauties! What a great way to showcase the purple of the grape hyacinths. The snow didn’t completely cover the blooms and their peeking little faces promise us that it really is spring…even with the snow.

Snow on the rocks
The daffodils are waiting to burst out in bloom after the snow melts and the sun returns. I am very ready for it to be daffodil time and then the slide right into summer. Yes, I am a summer girl and I am anxious for the long hot garden days of summer.

For now, I will be content to have a snow day…steaming cup of coffee in my hand and fresh baked cookies on my plate.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s special First Day of Spring post…and a fun printable for your family.

3 thoughts on “Early Spring Snow Day

  1. Snow! Oh, wow! We haven’t had even ONE measly snowflake this year. And it’s been record-setting hot, too. Yesterday was 84 degrees!!!!

  2. It is so late in the year that it wasn’t even really all that fun. I think our family is ready for spring and just moving on.

    Snow in Dec or Jan is festive but snow in the middle of March is just a pain.


  3. Well now talk about a huge line marking the end of winter and the start of spring tomorrow! (looking forward to your fun printable). Your photos are beautiful and I can just imagine the hush of the early morning that you describe. Thanks for sharing your beautiful morning snow.

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