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End of June Garden Update

Pixie Zinnias

The garden has sprung to life in the last few weeks. These are some new Zinnia Pixie Sunshine plants that I received free in a seed order. I planted them in a pot on the deck and they are going to be a fantastic choice for a container.

Baby Tomatoes
Vegetables are growing like crazy.

Yellow Day Lily
Flowers are blooming in all corners in many shapes and sizes. These day lilies are amazingly beautiful in real life.

Red Day Lily
The colors of summer are amazing and I can’t get enough of my day lilies this year.

Self Heal
Even the weeds are so very pretty. This self-heal is growing up along my fence line among some wild grapes that have planted themselves. I’m not sure where they came from but they are nice and green so they will stay.

The first round of herbs are ready to be harvested. Pesto anyone?

There are surprising new varieties of plants like this coleus.

And what garden post would be complete without a photo of my cat?

Miss Cocoa drinking from the birdbath
Water always tastes better out of the bird bath in the rose garden….at least that is what Miss Cocoa tells me anyway. This was during another one of my early morning walks outside in the cool air. Miss Cocoa decided to accompany me as I wandered through the garden and observed the nuthatches and woodpeckers.

Hope you enjoyed my garden update. Next week, I will share some more from my butterfly garden.

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  1. Those day lilies have such vivid colors. Beautiful!

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