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February 2018 Planner and Printables

February 2018 Nature Planning Page-Print out your own copy here!

It’s already time for a new planning page! I am excited for another full month of winter nature study using the Outdoor Hour Challenges. There are some simple ideas in each challenge that you can try with your family or if you have access to the newsletter archives, there are additional resources and ideas to use for your February nature study time.

February 2018 Nature Planning   Page

Download your copy here:February 2018 Nature study Planner Page


Printables for Members Button
New printables are now posted in the Member’s library!

february printables notebook pages

Members have access to several brand new printable notebook pages.

1. Tick Nature Study (set of 2 pages): If you want to study a common insect during your winter insect nature study time, use the 2 notebook pages in this set to record your facts and sketches.

2. Mayfly Nature Study (set of 2 pages): Another interesting insect to study is the mayfly. Use these pages to add the information to your nature journal.

3. Mammal Notebook Pages Set #2 – (set of 3 animals):  Use these pages to make a study of the North American Porcupine, the river otter, and the bobcat. Each animal has a set of three pages to use for various ages.


Print a complete list of printables available to Members for easy reference: Printables for Members

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