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From the Archives: Outdoor Hour Challenge Drawing

Drawing in Your Nature Journal @handbookofnaturestudyFrom the Archives!

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Drawing in Your Nature Journal

This week we are going back to the basics by encouraging everyone to include some drawing in their nature journals. This challenge from the very first series of challenges is one that your family can complete periodically to keep your pencils and minds sharp, looking for ways to draw something interesting in your nature journal.

Outdoor Hour Challenge Getting Started Ebook @handbookofnaturestudy

Members here on the Handbook of Nature Study have access to this challenge (#3 in the ebook) and its corresponding notebook page in the Getting Started ebook. Make sure to look up the challenge in the ebook, print the notebook page, and then make time to complete the suggested activities soon!

You may also wish to read my entry 3 Tips for Nature Journaling When You Think You Can’t Sketch.


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