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Garden Thoughts and Starting a New School Year

This weekend I kept seeing the 5 and 8 patterns in flower petals in my garden. I would be watering a garden box and there it would be…5 or 8. I know it is because I am hypersensitive after refreshing my memory about Fibonacci last week during our corn study.

Pink Cosmos

Zucchini blossom with its bold orange color.

I also had a renewed appreciation for the patterns of growth in flowers. The beauty of the way the seeds are arranged fascinates me.

My mammoth sunflower is turning itself inside out. The birds are loving it!

We start a new school year today and I will still be in my garden in the afternoon but it will not be the long days outside like I have been. Soon the season will change and it will be autumn. Autumn is not my favorite season but it does have its delights. Already I can feel the days getting shorter and spending time outdoors will bring to our attention other changes as well.

For now, we will enjoy the harvesting of our vegetables and the cycle of planting a new fall/winter garden. I will be saving some seeds for next year and I already have plans for a new section of garden to be completed by next spring. One of my summer reading projects was this book: The Backyard Homestead. I was inspired to try a few new things in our smallish backyard. I will keep you posted as we progress in a few small projects.

The Outdoor Hour Challenges for crop plants will continue for a few more weeks and then I am not sure what direction we will take. My boys are asking for another pond study so maybe we will take the Outdoor Hour Challenges in that direction as we head into autumn.


5 thoughts on “Garden Thoughts and Starting a New School Year

  1. your blog is a blessing!! thanks a lot for sharing!! I’m just searching in the net to find sites that helps me to teach my kid about nature..and I love your site!!

  2. I love pink cosmos. They are one of my favorite flowers. While I’m reading your post I can feel the crisp breezes of fall starting to settle in. I’m slowly getting ready for fall too. I would be interested in seeing what your pond study will be about. Have a good week!

  3. There is a little blue wildflower here that always catches my eye because it has six petals.
    Maybe you could spend a week or two on how to create a challenge type study on the plants or animals that are unique to an area. Sort of a framework that folks could use to think about whatever lives or grows near them that doesn’t make it into the average kids’ nature book. Sea cucumbers, mongoose, rice, elk. Whatever.

  4. We’d love to do a pond study with you! I’d like to be a bit more focused and intentional than I currently am and I love your gentle teaching/guiding methods. Your blog is terrific! You make me want to head to the NW!!

  5. Just checked…my library has the book!
    Thanks for the recommendation!

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