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Handbook of Nature Study – Free Downloads

Handbook of Nature Study Freebies

Cattail Seasonal Nature Study notebook page

Seasonal Tree Study Notebook Page Autumn final

Spring Maple Tree Notebook page

Signs of Spring Notebook Page

Queen Anne’s Lace Spring Notebook Page

Winter Queen Anne’s Lace Notebook Page

December World Notebook Page

Signs of Autumn Notebook Page

First Day of Summer notebook page

Outdoor Hour Trees 31 to 35 and 37 to 38

Outdoor Hour Challenges Insects 22-28

Outdoor Hour Challenges Flowerless Plants 41 to 43

Outdoor Hour Challenge Seasonal Work -Trees and Weather #11 #20 #36 #39 #40 #47

Last Days of Summer notebook page

Signs of Autumn Notebook Page

Weather Record Chart

Nature Book Project Planner Page

Insect Notes – generic insect notebook page

Nature Table Ideas – Garden Flowers

Summer Pond Study – Bonus Notebook Page and Grid

Wildlife Habitat Plan

Insect Photo Hunt printable activity

My Backyard at Night Notebook Page

Mushroom Cap Sketch Notebook Page

Outdoor Hour Challenge Rodent Notebook Page

My Owl Study Notebook Page Outdoor Hour Challenge

Handbook of Nature Study Nature Table Ideas Birds

Bird Life List Printable from Handbook of Nature Study

Rock treasure box printable from Handbook of Nature Study


Handbook of Nature Study freebies
Here are some more that my friend Tina Joyce created and would like to share with the Outdoor Hour Challenge participants. Thanks Tina!


Blank Nature Journal Page #2

Blank_Nature_Walk Journal_Page_4





Calendar of Firsts blank printable

Nature Study - Three Steps to a Better Experience
This free mini-ebook explains how to get more out of your nature study experience by showing you three easy steps to use as your family grows in confidence. I invite you to download your copy today.

9 thoughts on “Handbook of Nature Study – Free Downloads

  1. Thank you so much for your generousity in sharing these! You have helped so many find the joys of nature study!

  2. YOU are so good to all of us readers. Thank you.

  3. I am so excited to find your blog!!! We are just starting HOBS!!! I can’t wait to dive in and read everything here. I cannot wait to use these notebook pages!!! Thank you SO much!

  4. Just found this page through Pinterest — THIS IS MARVELOUS! Thank you for all these goodies! Can’t wait to explore more of your site!

  5. Your work is a blessing to us all! Thank you so much, Barb.
    Hudson, NH

  6. You are a blessing to us all! Thanks so much for all you do, Barb.
    Hudson, NH

  7. Thank you for all the thank you notes…it is so nice to feel appreciated.

    I hope to continue to offer lots of free things and my goal is always, always, always to get you outside and enjoy your time with your children.

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