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The Play of Light – Changing Landscapes

Leaves and Rocks
Leaves Bathed in Light

Autumn is a time for colors and textures…and this year autumn is featuring its light side. The sun has ushered us through the season, bathing us in warmth and cheerfulness. The usual seasonal sadness did not arrive and I am grateful.

“Call attention to the changing beauty of the landscape. Let the children tell what they enjoy in it. Point out more, if they are old enough to appreciate it. Show them the play of light and shade, the harmony of the colors, the subdued hues, the neutral tints of forest and meadow, of mountain and fading perspectives.”
Nature and Children

Colorful Fall Leaves
Piles and piles of colors to behold.
Leaf Raking in December 2
Early December yard chores

“Hey mom, look how many leaves came down in the wind! Why do you think only one tree still has its leaves? Now it seems like winter.”

What a wonderful way to teach about the cycles of life: the growing and dying, the green and the brown, the fullness and the bareness. One just leads to the next, round and round. He notices. We notice.

Autumn Trees with sun
More light to capture

Today I am reminded of how my season in life is changing, grateful for sons who remind me to stop and notice things that I might have otherwise missed, filling up on the light they bring to the day.

5 thoughts on “The Play of Light – Changing Landscapes

  1. I love this! When I take “nature” photos my mantra is “it’s all about the light”or in some instances the lack of it. I enjoy your blog and your fb posts. My two,(twin dds) oldest have graduated homeschool also and are in college. Our youngest (ds 11) is still at home currently working on mostly 5th grade level activities. We live near the Mississippi R., a State Park and a National Wildlife Refuge. We have plenty of space to explore.

  2. This is always my favorite to capture – both with camera and my mind’s eye. The colors and the certain slant of light in the fall. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful!

  3. I am enthralled with light right now as we work our way into winter with such beautiful sunny skies every day. Not a drop of rain in sight either.

    It is all about the light.

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. “grateful for sons who remind me to stop and notice things that I might have otherwise missed”….it is obvious that they do so because you have instilled that in them…the gift of observation ~ beautiful!

  5. You are so right Melissa. It is a gift to give our children along with our time and our enthusiasm for what we find outdoors, pointing out beauty to them at first and then having them do the same as they grow older.

    My middle son is always calling my attention to things outside or bringing me things from his travels. It is a gift that gives back.

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