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Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter – January 2013 Rocks

January 2013 – Rocks and Minerals

There is a new year of nature study all stretched out in front of us just like a blank page! I’m so excited that the year will start with a study of rocks and minerals. If that sounds too hard or uninteresting to your family, I welcome you to download and read this month’s newsletter to read and see how other families are making their rock study fabulous! I hope you will join us for at leas the grid study and then share your experiences with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival.

Contents of this edition of the newsletter include: 

  • “Teaching the Hard Subjects” – one of my contributions to the newsletter
  • Information on collecting rocks when you travel
  • Two rock study articles contributed by OHC participants
  • January Study Grid and Bookmark – Rock Themed
  • Book Review
  • Rock themed nature journal idea
  • Show and Tell, Favorite Links

I have attached the newsletter download link to the bottom of my blog feed so if you are a subscriber you will receive the link to the latest newsletter at the bottom of every post for the month of January. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can still subscribe and receive the newsletter link in the next post that comes to your email box. You can subscribe to my blog by filling in your email address in the subscription box on my sidebar.

Note: You can download your newsletter from the link in two ways: 

  1. If your link is clickable, right click the link and then “save link as” to save the file on your computer.
  2. If the link is not clickable, cut and paste the link to your browser, open, and then save your newsletter to your computer.

7 thoughts on “Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter – January 2013 Rocks

  1. This could not have come at a better time! My son is obsessed with Botany. But as of late, he is really into rock collecting and wants to know about each rock.

    Thank you for your newsletter! It gives me somewhere to start. 🙂

  2. Can you repost the link… I cannot see it on the page.

  3. The link comes with every blog entry email for the entire month when you subscribe to my blog. It is at the bottom of the email.


  4. Hello – I just resubscribed to your Newsletter, how can I find the link to the January Newsletter? It does not seem to be coming to my inbox.

    Thanks, Sarah C Dedmon

  5. The link comes with every blog entry email for the entire month when you subscribe to my blog. It is at the bottom of the email.

    My next post will probably be on Tuesday so look for it then. 🙂

  6. Love this! As someone who loves and appreciates all the wonderful things in nature that God has given us, but also has no formal training to be able to pass a deeper understanding to my children: thank you so much!!

  7. Thank you so much for all your hard work that you put into this blog. I am someone who loves nature and greatly appreciates the wonderful creation God has given us, but I have no formal training to pass a deeper understanding onto my children. This is a wonderful site full of information! Thank you!
    Michelle S

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