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Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter – July Fish Edition

July 2013 Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter Cover

July 2013 – Fish Nature Study

Contents of this edition of the newsletter include: 

  • 5 fabulous articles related to different aspects of fish or pond study (4 from OHC participants)
  • July Study Grid and other printables
  • Fish Study: Trout – printable notebook page
  • Nature Study Spotlight Family
  • Recommended study links

I have attached the newsletter download link to the bottom of my blog feed so if you are a subscriber you will receive the link to the latest newsletter at the bottom of every post for the month of July. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can still subscribe and receive the newsletter link in the next post that comes to your email box. You can subscribe to my blog by filling in your email address in the subscription box on my sidebar.

Note: You can download your newsletter from the link in two ways:


  • If your link is clickable, right click the link and then “save link as” to save the file on your computer.
  • If the link is not clickable, cut and paste the link to your browser, open, and then save your newsletter to your computer.


3 thoughts on “Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter – July Fish Edition

  1. I was JUST stressing out about how to put together a nature study for a prek girl. Checked Pinterest this morning and there you were!God ALWAYS answers prayers thank you SO much!

  2. Welcome to the Outdoor Hour Challenge. Take a look around and you will find loads of ideas and freebies to try with your little one.

  3. Thanks so much for asking me to participate in your newsletter. I was very proud to be part of such a quality publication!

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