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Hikes During The Day to Our Outdoor Laboratory

Trail and Clouds

“Out in this, God’s beautiful world, there is everything waiting to heal lacerated nerves, to strengthen tired muscles, to please and content the soul that is torn to shreds with duty and care.”


“Nature-study should be so much a part of the child’s thought and interest that it will naturally form a though core for other subjects quite unconsciously on his part.”

Waterfall at the Red Shack

“Out-of-door-life takes the child afield and keeps him in the open air, which not only helps him physically and occupies his mind with sane subjects, but keeps him out of mischief.”

Red Shack 3 22 11 Fiddleneck
Fiddlenecks are just starting to bloom.

“In nature-study the work begins with any plant or creature which chances to interest the pupil.”

Red Shack 3 22 11 Saxifrage
Saxifrage is blooming in full force.

“Thus by beginning with the child in nature-study we take him to the laboratory of the wood or garden, the roadside or the field, and his materials are the wild flowers or the weeds, or the insects that visit the goldenrod or the bird that sings in the maple tree, or the woodchuck whistling in the pasture.”

All quotes are from the Handbook of Nature Study in the introductory pages. All photos are from today’s lunchtime hike.

11 thoughts on “Hikes During The Day to Our Outdoor Laboratory

  1. You have such a great place to explore! So beautiful and varied! I’m on the search for our special spot!


  2. LOL! When I first read the title of this post I thought it read, “Hikes During The Day to Our Outdoor Lavatory”. 😀 Interesting post!!!

    Beautiful photos as always. Heading out soon to look at our spring bulbs trying to come up!

  3. 😀 Forgive me, it isn’t a conventional outdoor hour challenge but it is our spring bulb study that will morph more as the bulbs mature.

  4. Yes! I just read those words today!! I received the book last week and I am so happy with it. I learned all about Robins today and you bet the little ones will start to learn too!

    You are such an inspiration – thank you.

    Namaste, Nicole


    Well said. We’ve not gone on our nature walk for this week. I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly has been wrong with me today??? I think that’s it. When I get out with my children and explore it opens my heart, mind and soul up to God and I can experience Him better. It’s clear that I need to get out this week and you’ve just reminded me of that.


  6. We have been truly enjoying the spring hikes. My camera is getting a workout for sure!Today we went to the beach with another family and they waited in the car til we met up. Their kids didn’t know what to do. I am so glad for the tools of observation, discover, interest, the abiity to see changes on the beach, and an overwhelming love for all things out doors that the boys have!

  7. Thanks everyone for all your nice comments on our spring walk. We are back to LOTS of rain today so I am truly glad that we were outdoors yesterday.

    Hope you all get a chance to go outside!

  8. Healing, strengthening, pleasing and making the soul content – this is a true testament to the power of nature-study.

    Thank you for submitting this to the CM carnival on Education is a Life – a beautiful fit.

  9. For the past few weeks my children and I have really been diving in to our Nature study. Your site has made it a pleasurable experience, thanks.

  10. Your photos are imspirational – as always – and the photo of “Boy with Dog” says it all!

  11. “In nature-study the work begins with any plant or creature which chances to interest the pupil.” love that quote. What a beautiful spot you have. Makes me smile big! Fiddlebacks? I will have to look those up.

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