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July Wildflowers and Another Nest

I was clearing my camera and decided to include a few photos from our explorations this month so far.

Yellow Wildflowers
New yellow wildflower. I think this is Hooker’s Evening Primrose.

Wildflowers Purple
New purple wildflower. I am still working on identifying this one.

Crimson Columbine.

Tiger Lily 2
Large Tiger lily.

Tiger Lily 1
No kidding, it is as large as my palm.

Osprey Nest
Osprey nest on the top of this dead tree…see it up there made out of sticks?

Here is a link to the sound that was coming from this nest:
All About Birds: Osprey
As we were standing there, the mama or daddy osprey flew in and dropped a fish from the lake into the nest and then it flew away. All was quiet again.

Just a few photos to keep track of some of the things we have experienced while outdoors this month.

Hubby surprised me with this new field guide. I haven’t had a chance to really look into it deeply but it looks very, very good. I will post a review soon.

3 thoughts on “July Wildflowers and Another Nest

  1. Barb, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, especially that Tiger Lily. Also, thanks for posting a link to the Osprey calls. That was neat to hear.

  2. Amazing, what Mother Nature creates :).

  3. I absolutely love that field guide. Jack is an amazing naturalist and very engaging speaker if you ever get a change to hear him. I have had the good fortune to work with him on occasion and I adore him.

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