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Lizards! Our Lizard Observations

We have seen lots of lizards since the OHC – Lizard Study posted but they are very hard to capture with a camera.

They are quick and really don’t want you to get too close.

But yesterday, a friend of mine pulled up and I spied a lizard on the back of her car! She had apparently brought the lizard all the way from her house, giving the lizard the ride of his life.


My husband also found a shed lizard skin in our front yard when we were trimming up our lavender. What an fabulous find! I was interested to see this up close and to realize that it was pretty much all intact.

I think it is a California Alligator Lizard.

Lizard shed skin @handbookofnaturestudy Lizard shed skin @handbookofnaturestudy

So the lesson is to not ever give up and to keep your eyes open to things all around you every day, not just during your OHC time.

Have you observed any lizards, geckos, or anoles?


5 thoughts on “Lizards! Our Lizard Observations

  1. Yesterday, I was going to leave a comment that we don’t really have lizards here in CT. Then today, on the front page of one of the sections of the newspaper, there was a picture of a fireman holding an iguana. Okay, not really something you’d find in the wild here, but it was funny anyway. The iguana had escaped its home in July and was found yesterday. Good timing because I don’t think it would have done well with the cold temps that are coming.

    Upon further research, I find I was wrong about lizards in CT. We have one. It is called a five-lined skink and is rare in our state. I have never seen one. We do have plenty of salamanders, though. I’ll find those under logs or wet leaves. The other day I saw a red eft on the trail. This is the juvenile stage of the eastern newt. The eft is terrestrial, but the adult newt is aquatic. I find a lot of red efts when I hike at the location near my home.

    I think finding the skin of the lizard is pretty cool. I have found my share of snake skins, but it would be interesting to see how a lizard sheds its skin.


    1. Iguana! Definitely not a native. 🙂

      I looked up the red eft and it looks very much like our CA newt. I hope you get to look at a skink some time soon.

  2. We have one that looks almost identical called a Texas Spiny Lizard that my daughter “rescued”. She was picked up by birds and dropped on the side of our trampoline. Her back legs don’t work as a result of spinal energy, but she’s still fairly active. I see these cute little things around our house all the time. They’re fast!

    1. I would love to see your lizard!

      1. Sure! I will email them because I’m not sure I can post it here.

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