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Nature and Art – Goldworthy Inpsired

Something a little different…..

Andy Goldsworthy and his artwork have fascinated me ever since I first heard of him a few years ago. Many times when I am out and about on our hikes I wish I had the gumption to stop and create a little art myself with my kids. Here is a video to spark some interest and hopefully create a desire for you to create a little artwork of your own.

Here is a longer video but worth the visual treat….it has music so be prepared.

Andy Goldsworthy….do it at home project

We had fun making our own simple Goldsworthy inspired leaf sculpture.

Goldsworthy Inspired Leaf Project

You can follow this LINK and find all kinds of ways to learn about Andy Goldsworthy and his artwork.

Goldsworthy Inspired Art - Leaves

Have fun and be creative.

4 thoughts on “Nature and Art – Goldworthy Inpsired

  1. I love absolutely love the art in nature!

    Thank you,

  2. This is really cool–can’t wait to show my kids. Your leaf sculpture is lovely. Our colorful leaves are long gone but we have lots of interesting seed pods and dried leaves now.

  3. i think my kids do this naturally.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! There are several areas of the coast that people make rock piles – I’ll show the boys the video and see how they are inspired. 🙂

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