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Nature Photo of the Week – July Recap


Nature Photo of The Week
July has flown by and looking back on it I am grateful that I have determined to keep up with the Nature Photo of the Week. Picking a weekly image to post has made me more aware of the beauty I find as I go about my business…and outdoor time!

Please feel free to join us over on the Nature Photo of the Week Pinterest Board.


 Makes Me Smile: My pot of basil.


Inspiration: Wildflowers along my local walking trail.


Crisp: Our granny smith apples are growing!

Early morning moon

Moon: Early morning moon on a summer day.

There have been some awesome pins on the Nature Photo of the Week Pinterest board and I invite you to click over and see them all for yourself!


5 thoughts on “Nature Photo of the Week – July Recap

  1. Hi Barb, I feel the same way about the photos of the week. Unfortunately my basil doesn’t make me smile. I just can’t keep it alive; perhaps not enough sun. Appreciate your blog & enthusiasm.

    1. My basil keeps trying to go to flower and I have to keep cutting it way back. Never thought I would have too much basil. 🙂 I enjoy seeing all your photos on Pinterest Carol…thanks for sharing your nature photos!

  2. Your basil is beautiful! Makes me hungry:)

  3. How do I submit a photo for pinning?


    1. You need to join the Pinterest board and then I can invite you to join the board. Then you can pin your photos. 🙂

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