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Nature Photo of the Week Recap – October


Nature Photo of The Week

October was a great month to be outside and looking for those photo moments to capture!

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Yosemite October 2014 (77)

Berries: The Pacific Dogwood has these berry-like fruits. We did some research and officially they are called “drupes” which are not really berries but still very pretty and interesting.

Yosemite October 2014 (86)
Simplicity: Our trip last week to Yosemite with our three boys was such a joy. Autumn is a very quiet time in Yosemite and this early morning walk along the Merced River was so very pretty.
Davis Arboretum Oct 2014 (23)

Bridge: We had an absolutely spectacular walk today on the UC Davis Arboretum. What a fascinating place! This bridge, covered in grape vines, was over the little creek that was lined with the most amazing cattails I have seen.

I am getting down to the very last of the Nature Photo of the Week topics to find. Here are the things I have yet to do:

Crystals, fish, cold, refreshing, simplicity, energy, bubbly, sparkle, feather, self-portrait, Just do it!

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